Loss to Suvisiripaya exceeds Rs. 10 million..! No more govt. jobs to University students involved in violence and crimes !

(Lanka-e-News - 27.June.2017, 11.30PM)   Consequent upon the damage causing a loss of over Rs. 10 million  (based on reports) to Suvisiripaya of health ministry recently by the Inter University  student Federation leaders along with members of the terrorism prone parties including Peratugami party  and JVP  ,  the government has decided not to recruit University students who create mayhem and cause damage to State property , to government service no matter how well they had performed at the examinations . The reason for this is these monies lost due to the damage caused to Isurupaya were meant to be utilized towards  health services of the public.

In the past though probing into the antecedence of the  prospective candidate was a custom when recruiting individuals to the government service , the previous corrupt and murderous regime of the nefarious decade  did not follow it.

Britain which  introduced university  education to SL not to mention  the government service , still does not recruit candidates who were involved in robberies , violence and other crimes   to government service  or   the private sector though  those candidates possessed the highest qualifications . A  police report must be mandatorily obtained in respect of each candidate three months prior to his selection for the job . The criminal history of any individual can be obtained from any police in Britain within minutes. 

Meanwhile, the SL  police has also turned tough with regard to  the arrest of student leaders who caused wanton damage to State property , and disrespectfully harassed the  staff of the ministry who are older than these young hooligans . Meanwhile Dinesh Maduranga a former president of the main students’ union of the  University of Aesthetic studies was arrested at Siyambalanduwa.

The  Inter University students federation which  is foolishly dancing to the tune of the Peratugami party and the JVP stated by issuing a notice , this struggle is akin to that of  theirs of 1988-89  amidst  a tremendous  opposition mounted  against the students campaign , but  the stark fact  is , even an innocent  boy selling newspaper   was killed by the JVP and Peratugami  during that period of their so called ‘great’ struggle . 

The irony of it is , these students in the Universities now supposedly engaging in a so called ‘great ‘struggle were not even born at that time – 1988-89. Had they been living they would have known what cruel and senseless murders their mentors committed , and how many innocent lives were lost due to their folly and immaturity – all to no avail because the stupid insurgency was an absolute failure even after sacrificing precious lives of its countless youths who were its members. 

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