Lindula hospital DMO Harsha’s cruel, callous, crude conduct towards patients during GMOA strike most horrifying ..!

(Lanka-e-News - 29.June.2017, 5.45PM) During the indefinite strike staged by the GMOA recently , the chief of the Lindula district hospital , Talawakele , Nuwara eliya , Dr. monster ( of the same ilk of  ruthless Padeniyas) Harsha Abeywardena who was discharging duties as the DMO committed a number of wicked , heartless and criminal offences  punishable under the Penal code , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division. 

Any employee in service belonging to a trade union  has a right to strike but he has absolutely no legal right to obstruct the service of another employee or act in a manner that sabotages the services rendered  by him/her  towards the institution by making threats in order to cripple the Institution . Neither the laws governing  unions nor any other law permits such anti establishment activities . Yet this Dr. monster Harsha (belonging to the latest villainous breed of monster doctors in Sri Lanka in the category of Dr. monster Padeniyas) has committed those very wicked crimes most outrageously which even run counter to the sacred oath of Hippocrates the doctors  are supposed to take  on behalf of their  noble profession.

Although Dr. monster Harsha , a member of the villainous GMOA took callous and crude measures to hold the poor  suffering patients  hostage at the LIndula hospital during the strike , and was trying to paralyze the hospital to the detriment of the entire national health services , thankfully the other doctors have not joined him in his atrocious and monstrous conduct . They have however continued to medically treat the suffering patients. 

However Harsha the doctor monster of the villainous Padeniya clan on the contrary  has taken heartless and ruthless  measures after enlisting the watchers of the hospital to close the doors of the hospital obstructing the national health services  to the public most ruthlessly and brutally unbecoming of a government medical doctor in spite of the fact their salaries are  paid out of public funds. 

This  Doctor alias monster even after  being informed by the GMOA leaders that the emergency services will be carried on  , has even closed the doors of Lindula hospital intensive care unit.  Much worse ! when the other doctors were trying to give medical attention , Harsha the doctor alias monster has been so venomous and  vengeful that he has threatened them and disconnected the hospital’s electricity supply.

The other doctors have then informed the electricity board by phone to re connect the supply , and phoned  the Lindula police station to  complain against  the dastardly incident  involving a so called medical doctor who behaved  worse than a terrorist. Anybody can inquire about this incident  from the Lindula police station to get confirmation .  Believe it or not ! this monstrous terrorist doctor Harsha of the GMOA has again turned off the lights as soon as  the electricity board left after  giving  the power supply. 

Unfortunately , at that moment a pregnant patient with labor pain  had arrived at the hospital . Unbelievably when one of the doctors was trying to admit her to the hospital , Harsha the monster doctor has ordered the hospital staff not to admit the critical patient in labor pain , and to send her back home despite the fact the GMOA leaders repeatedly said , their  strike will not affect pregnant mothers. 

The poor helpless patient after being sent home had delivered the baby. Thereafter the mother and child were admitted to Nuwara eliya hospital .

It is very clear this monster Harsha who conducted himself most cruelly like a terrorist with no human feelings despite being a doctor  can be charged under  sections 327, 332, 341 and 344 of the Penal code for undue harassment and use of  criminal force .

This complaint lodged with the Lindula police by the other doctors is still valid , and a number of doctors at the Lindula hospital are ready to give evidence in that regard.
The public that  are wishing to live and not die at the hands of these traitorous ,treacherous, terrorist doctors , are hoping against hope that authorities will take action  duly and  swiftly against the cruelty and criminalities of the so called doctors so that it will serve as a deterrent to all doctors . It may seem incredible but it is true ,  these are doctors ( not monsters! )  who took the sacred oath of Hippocrates to serve the patients no matter the circumstances, subordinating all their other  interests .

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Most shocking state of hospital cruelty of GMOA I have ever heard of. Demons from the pit of hell have been loosed What is the govt. action about these.
-- by citizen on 2017-06-30

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