GMOA (Govt. Medical Oppressors Association) contracts AIDS ! Seemingly there is no cure for that !

.(Lanka-e-News - 30.June.2017, 11.45PM) The GMOA (Government Medical Officers association)  now dubbed  Government Medical Oppressors Association has  once again contracted AIDS,   ‘Acquired Intelligence Deficiency Strike’  syndrome . The GMOA which is supposedly comprising doctors who are being paid by the government to  spend their time on treating and curing patients , rather than waste their time on strikes like idlers and street loafers have once again threatened to stage an indefinite strike to put lives of patients in dire jeopardy , and to the detriment of the entire country.

The  GMOA now says it has not agreed  with any of the proposals pertaining to  the acquisition of SAITM by the government . It is well to recall Dr. monster   Padeniya’s   GMOA which has all along proved going by their (mis)conduct ,as an association of medical oppressors and not medical officers  called off the indefinite strike it staged earlier on of its own accord  after their face saving secret discussions with the president came to light , and amidst  the mounting threats of their getting manhandled by the justifiably provoked public  .

Meanwhile minister Champika at the recent cabinet meeting revealed , since SAITM issue is now before court , holding discussions with the GMOA is of no relevance  or consequence.  Moreover , the standard of medical education should be discussed only with the Sri Lanka (SL) Medical Council , Deans of the faculties of medicine and the medical  specialists association.

The minister also informed the cabinet , it serves no point or purpose discussing the standard of medical education with trade unions pursuing  political agendas . Minister of health Rajitha Senaratne at the media discussion to reveal cabinet decisions pointed out , the cabinet has still not concurred in the proposals of Champika.

Meanwhile sports minister the policy less cabinet spokesman Dayasiri Jayasekera whose  mouth is as large as that of a spittoon and talks more nonsense  than sense if he opens his cavernous mouth , oblivious of  his cabinet ministerial responsibilities and the decisions of the cabinet made a diametrically opposing statement that the SAITM must be closed down.  This sports minister to whom his foolish behavior is also a sport and play  said, the students are eager to get baton charged by the police during demonstrations because of their desire to get their photos published in the newspapers the following day. 

At all events , at the crucial hour when the country is threatened with a dengue epidemic , the GMOA mafia playing with the lives of helpless and hapless patients is most abominable , despicable and deplorable . The  people must therefore teach these medical oppressors masquerading  as medical officers not one but many   lessons of their life time ,and put a full stop to the AIDS (acquired intelligence deficiency strike ) syndrome of the  GMOA mafia  . The public must meet  them face to face , and ask from these doctor monsters ‘how many more lives  do you wish to sacrifice  before you decide to cure your own AIDS  sickness ?’  Otherwise these ruthless monsters calling themselves doctors will send all the patients not back home cured  but to the grave .

The bottom line is , when monster doctors   become   mentally sick , they must be treated as patients before they are greeted as humans . Going by the misconduct  of the GMOA and its leaders , it is obvious the SAITM  issue has made these GMOA medical oppressors mental patients . Hence before they are greeted as medics by the president , prime minister and the people they must be treated as lunatics ,and cured. 

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Really the meaning of GMOA for me is "Genetically Modified Organisms' association". These guys are dangerous as the GMO which are made for commercial purpose without considering the damage to human-being and the nature. Should be banded like in the food certification standards.
-- by Sarath Premakumara on 2017-07-02

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