Specialist Dr. Ananda Samaresekera who gave bogus autopsy reports in Thajudeen murder and several others gets lenient punishment !

-Senile outgoing Carlo does the needful

(Lanka-e-news -03.June.2017, 11.30PM)    The license of former chief judicial medical officer Ananda Samarasekera ( medical specialist) who issued a bogus medical report and therefore committed a most heinous crime during the nefarious murderous decade of brutal corrupt Rajapakses,  following  his  first post mortem examination  conducted by him in connection with  the brutal murder of popular Rugby player Wasim Thajudeen  is to be suspended for six months , the Sri Lanka Medical Council decided on 30th May
It is worthy of  note this  Medical council’s decision is not its own or on its initiative  , but  because the court had issued the order , and mind you the council took over one and half years to implement even the court order which was issued as far back as beginning of the year 2016.  Besides only on the day senile Carlo Fonseka retired from  the post of president of the Council 30th  , this long overdue decision was announced. 

It is now very evident  it is Dr. Ananda Samarasekera  despite being a  medical specialist and chief judicial medical officer who has  initially painted the picture that the ruthless murder of Thajudeen in the prime of his life  , is a death by accident .  This criminal attitude of Dr. Samarasekera is typical     of  the ruthless strike maniacal medical doctors(GMOA)  in Sri Lanka presently  .  Dr .Samarasekera  not only furnished a bogus  medical report to suppress the murder , he even caused the leg  bone taken from the body of Thajudeen to go missing  while it was in his custody  , after having known that was the main piece of evidence because before  Thajudeen was killed even his leg was   attacked most brutally and its bones were broken.

It is to be noted  all these facts came to light only after the advent of good governance government , and on a second post mortem examination conducted after exhuming Thajudeen’s body . Believe it or not Dr. Samarasekera  took as long as  two and half years to furnish his bogus autopsy  report , and only after the court issued four notices in that regard.

This demonic  Dr. Samarasekera the so called specialist who gave falsified autopsy report in Thajudeen’s murder ,even pertaining to murders in the Alutgama incident gave decisions to suit the needs of Rajapakses.  This rascally specialist declared the murders in the Alutgama criminal violence were  caused  by  sharp instrument ,but  subsequent examinations proved those were caused by the bullets  fired using  T 56 weapons. During that period those weapons were in the hands of the security forces sent to the scene of violence by Gotabaya a byword for ruthless murders.  It is unfortunate the investigations into those crimes  are not being conducted .  

No matter what ,  with regard to the investigation into the heinous criminal   offences committed by Dr. Samarasekera (who disgraced himself and the profession thereby )  in the Thajudeen murder,  the Colombo magistrate  gave the order  to the Medical council the appropriate body to probe into it. That was in the early part of the year 2016.  Sadly,  the Medical council went on procrastinating  without issuing its report , which necessitated the courts to issue directives to the council not to delay . Finally the council delivered its decision 30th May.

Can you beat that ! The Medical council after taking two and half years ,  decided that Dr. Samarasekera is  guilty only for losing the bone which was in his custody in connection with  the Thajudeen murder . While  not giving a verdict on the bogus autopsy report deliberately furnished by Dr. Samarasekera  in Thajudeen murder or his falsified autopsy reports in the Alutgama cold blooded murders , the Medical council delivered a verdict only in regard to his losing the bone taken from Thajudeen’s body . Little  wonder the medical profession has gone to the dogs when there is such a sinister Medical council and a comic strike mania Medical   officers association. 

The Medical Council finally on its so called  findings has decided to suspend Dr. Samarasekera’s license for  six months only . 

 It is the general  consensus this lenient decision was delivered on the day Carlo Fonseka its president was resigning in order  to forestall his successor from meting out a graver punishment . 

It is an unequivocal fact that Dr. Samarasekera despite being a medical specialist  has shamelessly prostituted his official position ,and has acted worse than an IRC (Re convicted criminal) . Hence he deserves the worst punishment – either the license shall be cancelled permanently or suspended for  a minimum period of five years (so that it will also serve as a deterrent to other doctors too) . Yet the Medical council which is hostile  to the government, by meting out  a lenient punishment to such a dangerous criminal Dr. Samarasinghe and treating his most heinous crimes so trivially , has only demonstrated to the people what deplorable , despicable and  disgraceful level  the Medical council has descended to .   This is clear testimony how low and  sinister the so called professionals in SL are ethically and  morally that they will readily  sacrifice their souls and professional dignity  at the altar of monetary gains and selfish personal propulsion. 

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Interested parties should appeal this decision and send him for life imprisonment. This is cunning and crooked murderer who committed many injustices should spend the rest of his life in Welikada.
-- by Thassim on 2017-07-03

A parting gift to a criminal by a senile donkey.
-- by Herath Fonseka on 2017-07-03

criminal trial for corrupt medic and family behind killing.
-- by janaka on 2017-07-03

A shocking narration! Thank you so much Sandaruwan. Our medias are in deep slumber; so with the Administrators. The entire reputation of the Medical profession in our country has gone to gutters.
-- by Gratiaen Hewa on 2017-07-04

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