Asgiriya Mahanayake and group who said debauched discarded Gnanassara is right trample people’s referendums ; say causing disappearances too are good

(Lanka-e-News - 04.July.2017, 11.30PM) Asgiriya chapter mahanayake who said the (mis)conduct , modes and methods of a discarded debauched monk like Gnanassara are  correct , along with a group of monks summoned by him  issued a communique which stated that the new constitution abolishing  the executive presidency  and  which had been ratified by the people via not one but two  referendums is not necessary.

The present constitution shall be continued as it is , and if necessary the electoral system alone shall be abolished , they pointed out.  

What is most rudely shocking from a human angle  about the statement made by the mahanayake and his group is their inhumanly opposing the bill that is to be passed to punish those who cause disappearance of people, and to treat those as  crimes,  despite being Buddhist  monks who preach that harm should not be inflicted even on the smallest creature such as an ant. Unbelievably  these are the  Buddhist leaders – religious leaders of all leaders  who are saying causing disappearances of people should be permitted !

It is significant to note only a crowd as small as 75 individuals attended the sangha conference at Asgiriya trying  to change the referendum which had the support of as large a crowd as 6.2 million !  It is to be noted the sangha members themselves recently mounted grave charges against present Asgiriya mahanayake that he was appointed on vote rigging !

Recently  when Mahinda Rajapakse who was responsible for the disappearances  of people addressing  a rally in the East on the 3 rd , made statements that were antagonistic to the proposed bill which aims to make causing disappearance of people a crime and a punishable offence ; and today when Asgirya mahanayake and his group of nayakes issued a communique they are opposed to the new bill , it is very obvious whose obnoxious agendas they are serving , and acting as whose puppets. They are trying to misinterpret this bill citing a  mischievous reason that it is  an attempt to victimize the war heroes .

The reason that prompted the Asgiriya  mahanayake and his group to make this odious statement which is  clearly against human rights and is  anti national  was  owing to the decision taken by the government  to entrust the Archeological department with the  collection of payments  from  foreigners who visit the Dambullu Vihara , which  monies  prior to this decision were pocketed by Asgiriya nayakes  for the last 20 years.  

The custody of the Dalada Maligawa , Kandy changes every year , and on the 9 th of this month   ,the Asgiriya chapter is to entrust the custody to Malwatte chapter.  Therefore this communique simply and clearly reveals , the devil  that has to go  is getting ready to destroy and damage everything  along its path when leaving. 

It is a well and widely known fact  a new constitution is formulated not to serve one  party but with the participation of  all parties which represent the parliament . Main matters such as devolution of powers  and changing the electoral system   are with the participation  of all parties , though it is only an SLFP group led by Nimal Siripala  De Silva which says , the executive presidency shall be continued. 

President Maithripala Sirisena  has been  taking the stance that the executive Presidenc y shall be abolished and has not changed that stance. Hence , it is a crucial question  whose  ‘SLFP’ are the various other  shady characters of the SLFP representing ,who  are insisting on the continuation of the executive presidency ? 

They are opposing  president’s stance without clarifying this  because they are fully aware Maithripala who solemnly  promised to abolish the executive presidency within 100 days of his becoming the president surely  cannot field as a presidential candidate if  he has any sense of shame,  unless of course he wishes to do a strip tease to come  forward , and since their prospective presidential candidate is someone else. 

It is an incontrovertible fact , only the forces which  are seeking to enthrone murderers like Gotabaya the notorious blood thirsty modern Dracula that would say  the executive presidency shall be continued which has been rejected by not one but two people’s referendums . It is very unfortunate the Asgiriya nayakes despite wearing sacred robes have also fallen into that villainous  anti national category.  

A government elected duly  by the people, for the people and  of the people  is duty bound to abide by  the people’s referendum without capitulating to the aims and agendas of sinners and scoundrels. 

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