Specter of criminal politics looms as salutary moves are being made to eradicate white Van abductions and disappearances ! -Mangala Samaraweera

(Lanka-e-News - 09.July.2017, 11.30PM)  Sri Lankan  government signed an international treaty on 2015-12-10 with a view to protect all citizens from abductions and forced disappearances , and that was ratified by the government on 2016 -05-25 .In order to give legal validity to it  , the relevant draft was gazetted on 2017-05 09 , and it was decided the draft resolution shall be tabled in parliament for its ratification.

This draft resolution was scheduled to be debated in parliament on 2017-07-05 , but on the same day a debate had been fixed pertaining to the bribery draft bill. Because  there was  a large number of speakers in regard to these two draft bills , it was decided that the debate on the timely bill concerning prevention of forced disappearances  shall be taken up  at a later date.

This is  an enactment which concerns the human rights of every citizen of a just , free and civilized society .

The primary aim and objective of this enactment is to ensure that every one born  and residing  in Sri Lanka    shall  live without  falling victim to abductions,  forced disappearances or wrongful incarceration . This enactment is designed to put a full stop to eradicate  the  white Van culture , and put a full stop to  disappearances  of opponents  with state patronage as well as abductions .Therefore all law abiding citizens should welcome it  feel happy .
Yet , the specter of evil politics as usual is today attempting to  mislead the people of this country.  We roundly condemn these false propaganda that is being spread founded on evil destructive motives to the detriment of the country.

It must be mentioned this draft bill  has an impact on the future and is not retrospective. At the same time it ensures that the children born in this motherland in the future will not face the same unfortunate  fate what the children of the past had to under the Rajapakse era .

We would like to ask , is this rooting out  of the white van culture forever going to be an issue to humanity that   knows what is   fragrance from  stench .

Are those who are opposing this bill indirectly saying even in the future ,opportunities must  be afforded to sacrifice young lives , and destroy them ruthlessly in cold blood?

The pro Rajapakse groups at a recent media briefing said,  this enactment is pernicious to the forces. Aren’t the Rajapakses by this allegation   telling the world , it were the security  forces that were responsible for the abductions , forced disappearances , and extra judicial killings in this country during their reign?  and thereby loudly declaring  the war heroes are war criminals?
Sadly , Mahinda Rajapakse M.P.  by acting in this   diabolic  and traitorous manner   has once again made an exhibition of  his sinister and villainous traits thereby  stripping himself nude before society.

The most ludicrous part of Rajapakse M.P.’s play acting is : It is he who requested the consent  to allow the UN action team to visit SL on 1989-12-04 for the first time in regard  to disappearances – forced and due to negligence in SL, and it  is the same M.P.  Rajapakse who posed as a great lover of human rights  then who has now forgotten the past. This is of  course unsurprising  because it is natural for a double dealing Rajapakse who is intoxicated with power greed to resort to double crossing .

In conclusion what can be said is, the time has come to sweep away  such double faced politicians from democratic politics .

Mangala Samaraweera

(Translation by Jeff)

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