Investigations into colossal frauds which gobbled up public funds completed ! Herein are details of those blocking punishment ….

(Lanka-e-News - 14.July.2017, 7.35 AM) The revelation that the files entrusted  to the Attorney General’s (A.G.)  department after the conclusion of investigations by the CID pertaining to a number of colossal frauds committed across the country are in cold storage at the A.G.’s department because of lack of staff is an absolute lie based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division. The truth and nothing but the truth supported by cogent  evidence is  AG.’s department is not filing cases because of the pressures brought to bear on the department by the government.

In confirmation of this shocking exposure let us reveal some of the copious and cogent evidence only for the moment …

1. The complaint regarding the monumental frauds involving purchase of lands running into billions of rupees committed by ex Ports chairman Priyath Bandu Wickrema the notorious blue brigand crook in association with the Rajapakses (Alibaba and countless thieves) was received by the CID on 2015-02-04.  On 2015 -05-05 , that is exactly three months later , the investigations were concluded and the file CR1/ 271/ 15 relating to Priyath Bandu ‘s illegal land purchases was sent to the AG’s department to file the case. Unbelievably , even after 2 years and 2 months  have elapsed , the AG has not filed action.

If the AG says this file was languishing for so long because of lack of staff , he must be assuming the public are two legged donkeys and not humans  to believe him.  It is now very obvious , the political bigwigs of the government that loudly describes  itself as ‘good governance’  have exerted pressures , and the AG has yielded to the pressures abjectly . 

2. The complaint against former monitoring M.P. Sajith Vaas Gunawardena who was the wheeler dealer for Mahinda Rajapakse’s  illicit deals,  based on charges of robbery of vehicles belonging to the presidential  secretariat ( ex president MR’s time) was received by the CID on 2015-02-14 – just six days after Maithripala Sirisena was appointed as president .

The CID  concluded its investigations and sent the relevant file CR 1/ 1/ 16 to the AG on 2016-01-06 . Now it is over one year and six months since the file was received by the AG , no case has been filed yet. If the CID took only one year to  conclude a lengthy investigation , the AG saying  filing the case  merely after  sorting and sifting the legal from the illegal aspects   could not be finalized even after the lapse of one and half years is a joke of the century. 

Another file of infamous Sajin Vaas Gunawardena in connection with another heinous crime – money laundering  too is in cold storage at the AG’s department. The CID received this complaint on 2015-02-04 . After a lengthy investigation the CID handed over its file CR 1/AML/ CFT/ 12/16 to the AG for filing legal action on 2016- 09  -13  . Believe  it or not the case has still not been filed.

It is abundantly clear the political  bigwigs of the so called good governance government have intervened to save the notorious culprit Sajin Vaas  who caused billions of rupees loss to the country via his massive robberies , and that  the AG too had bowed to their traitorous pressures . 

3. Similarly the file CR  1 /AMC/ CFT/65/2016 pertaining  to the land frauds committed by Mahindananda Aluthgamage following the conclusion of investigations was sent to the AG on 2016-07- 21 . Sadly the AG has still not filed action despite the fact over a year had elapsed.
Lanka e news reported recently that Isuru Devapriya the Western province chief minister met the president on behalf of Mahindananda the culprit to rescue the latter from the crimes.  Based on that revelation , it is very evident the  case against Mahindananda is  not being filed due to the pressures exerted by the so called good governance government .

4. When Mahinda Samarasinghe was the minister of plantation Industries , a valuable land belonging to the ministry was sold by him to a private company for a song . The file CR 1/ AML/CFT /04/ 2015 pertaining to the investigation into that fraud after conclusion was sent to the AG on 2016-02-12 . Now it is over one year 5 months , no case has been filed. This is because Mahinda Samarasinghe did a somersault to support Maithripala Sirisena,  and not due to any other reason. It is therefore  abundantly clear the AG is kowtowing to the pressures of the so called good governance government.

5. The corrupt Rajapakses who were defeated on 2015-01-08 hatched a conspiracy at the Temple Trees to stay back in power illegally  using the forces , thereby committing high treason. The file CR  1/08/ 2015 pertaining to this investigation  was handed over to the AG on 2016-01-27 . Now it is over one and half years since the file was handed over, yet no case has been filed so far  .  

6. Likewise so many investigations including  the ‘robbery of the elephant cub’ and ’ Rakna Lanka Co .’  fraud  were concluded and handed over to the AG , and now it is over a year since these files were sent to the AG . Yet no cases have been filed. There are  over 100 such files all of  which cannot be  revealed here and now.  

The pertinent question is , who has exerted such political pressures on the AG ‘s department which is clearly under justice minister Wijedasa Rajapakse  ? In these circumstances the president of the country the highest in the hierarchy , Maithripala Sirisena saying at the cabinet meeting  if the AG’s department is entrusted to me , ‘I will show how to apprehend the culprits, and file cases against them within three months’  is most ludicrous and ridiculous.
Should the president withdraw the State department which ought to function independently from under the fold of the notorious minister and take it under the executive powers which the whole country has rejected and wants to be  abolished   ? Or , using his executive powers divest the independent AG’s department of the political pressures brought to bear on it , and sack the individuals including the minister involved who are engaged in such traitorous activities who  are a bane to the entire country ?
Lanka e new shall expose to the public irrespective of rank and status , all the individuals who are exerting these evil pressures on the AG’s department and the officers within it  who are of their own accord indulging in these traitorous activities.

By an  LeN inside information division special reporter

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CONGRATS LeN. MY3 and RAN3 are caught with their "amuday" down leaving room for Medamulana Meeharaka & Company to take the reigns and bring the country to further disaster!
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