Padeniya’s GMOA of Dr. Monsters brought to its knees ! New ‘Graded medical officers association’ blossoms !!

(Lanka-e-News - 19.July.2017,11.30PM)   A new organization of doctors has come into being, in fulfillment of the aspirations and  hopes of  one and all to combat the terrorist GMOA organization . Its name is ’Graded medical officers  association’ .The inaugural meeting of this new Doctors association was  held this noon  (19) at the Colombo Foundation  Institute.

It is an incontrovertible fact ,monster doctors like Padeniyas ; those who have forgotten their GCE  advanced level results; and of their barbaric breed , after taking over the leadership of the GMOA clung  on for  a long time only to  tarnish  the image of the profession and destroy the  prestige the doctors enjoyed earlier on.  The doctors who were treated like gods  in the past, because of  the terrorizing inhuman leadership of the GMOA  lost their prestige and high estimation before the people.  It is heartless Padeniya’s team that was responsible for  inviting  this  disgrace voluntarily upon themselves .

It is very unfortunate this  terrorizing group  of doctors despite  having taken the sacred of oath of Hippocrates to serve the sick subordinating all other interests wasted their time on the SAITM  issue  with ulterior motives only to finally bite the dust most humiliatingly. They lost their mental balance so much so that they even opposed the free ambulance service transporting  patients let alone neglecting the helpless patients fully depending on the doctors in hospitals,  by  staging senseless and meaningless strikes .These tie coat wearing so called medical officers descended to the level of Medical oppressors in the eyes of the public. The final comedy act of these terrorizing doctor brutes  came to an end when Dr. Carlo Fonseka , the retiring president of  Medical Council  issued a dire warning to them  while  these medical oppressors were trying to continue to oppress the public and neglect the patients ,  by threatening to  stage  villainous strikes under the flimsy excuse to extend the term of Dr. Fonseka . 

When  they created a huge uproar and screamed  ‘ if the official term of Fonseka is not extended we will hold the patients hostage and jeopardize their lives by staging strikes ,’ Dr. Fonseka on the other hand gave a slap in their face when these  terrorizing doctors met him . He sternly warned  them directly ‘ do not use me as a tool when I am saying no to it.’    Dr. Fonseka pleaded and told them before the entire media and cameras  ‘  if you are  still insisting on staging  strikes ,you do it only after slitting my throat.’ These terrorists posing as doctors only then realized they are headed for doom and gloom.

In the circumstances , it is a matter for surprise if the medical practitioners have still not understood that the GMOA is not an organization that is concerned about the  professional dignity or the   prestige of the doctors  not to mention their  ill treatment meted out to the  patients who they should instead care for based on the sacred oath they have taken. 

By now Padeniya’s group  has made the GMOA a disoriented  organization that is incapable of serving its own members or the patients , thereby proving itself as  a bane to the doctors  and patients alike as well as society and nation in general. Moreover by GMOA staging strikes to demand superior schools for their children and getting enmeshed in other irrelevant issues all along , demonstrated to the educated society they are a bunch of buffoons fond of only  tomfoolery while  also confirming the fears harbored  by the patients about  them as  not doctors but monsters trying to kill the patients  rather than heal  them  .

If the people wish death the  Padeniya’s GMOA monsters shall live , on the contrary  if the people  wish to live the GMOA should die a natural death or it  must be  dealt a death blow .

Fortunately for the patients and the country the genuine doctors who truly understood the wishes of the people have today organized themselves under “Graded medical officers Association’. The GMOA leaders recently referred to this association as groomed by minister Rajitha , and as such  they are bitterly opposed to it  ( the JVP having formed the Samastha Lanka medical officers association does  not sting these   GMOA leaders) 

The GMOA by  their opposition have only proved what illiterate and ignorant  class of individuals the GMOA leaders are, because in a Democratic country anybody has a right to  commence an organization . Of course if the organization was commenced by Rajitha it ought to  be criticized even though it  cannot be criticized. It is a fundamental right of any  human being to form organizations.

High time the GMOA terrorist leaders tried  to understand that they are the architects of their misfortune . Much more important than that is , these leaders must realize as a trade union they  cannot ride the high horse kicking and trampling the aspirations of 6.2 million  people because , in that   event sooner or later they will have a heavy fall , and that is the irretrievable disaster they finally courted.
Dr. Niroshana Premaratne , secretary of the new Graded medical officers association convening  the general meeting today said , the name of erstwhile multifunctional division fully skilled medical officers association has now been changed to Graded medical officers association  , and this has been started with a view to function much more extensively.

The secretary further revealed , since during the last about  two years the GMOA instead of focusing on  the professional rights of the doctors and neglecting them had been working to serve other agendas , consequent upon which a large number of doctors who were disappointed and disillusioned with the GMOA  have now joined the new organization.

Minister of health Rajitha Senaratne who received an invitation for the general meeting of the new medical association  said,  he has nothing to do with the new association. The trade union is launched by the doctors and not by the health minister , and this is not the first time it  has happened , he pinpointed.

The minister cited as an example , the inauguration of the joint medical specialists association by medical specialists , while adding , if any trade union of the health ministry  invites him for its meeting he shall attend . Two months ago two Nurses associations had their functions on the same day , and he attended both , the minister elaborated. 

At any rate  the people  are going to very soon witness fireworks - a violent and fierce  clash between the two doctors’ associations  .  The genuine association with honest intentions will triumph . History has proved that.

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This so called abnormal doctor is a mental case. Poor patients.
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