Truth is stranger than fiction ! Infamous Malkumaraya famous for sex abuse offered foreign scholarship !

(Lanka-e-News - 30.July.2017, 4.30PM)   During the period when H.A.S.Pallihakara  was the foreign secretary , Sumedha Nanayakkara who  was an officer in the foreign office was thrashed by a woman within the precincts of the foreign ministry for outraging her modesty . However because Sumedha was a pet of  Pallihakara , the former was immediately transferred to the SL High Commission in Canada not to punish him , rather  with a reward - promotion .

When Bob Jayasinghe was the SL Ambassador in  South Africa , a woman (typist) was sexually molested within a vehicle. It was only the victim  who was transferred out. 

When Buddhi Athauda was the ambassador , a woman was molested by him. In that disgraceful incident too , it was the victim who was transferred out. 

When Wilhelam Woutersz  was the SL High Commissioner in  Canada , an officer (female) was sexually harassed by him . That victim was transferred to Colombo, and in addition the officials went so  far as to mount false  charges and incarcerate  her. 

It is rudely shocking  the foreign ministry of SL did not conduct  investigations into any of these incidents even at ministry level. Even women who sought protection daily from the SL foreign embassy  in the Middle East are molested and that is a daily occurrence. No investigations are conducted , implying that women being subjected to sex abuse is a right of officials.
This sexual harassment of women in our foreign ministry and missions  without let or hindrance was witnessed again recently as though to prove these crimes are perpetual and natural , and cannot be halted.  

Mind you , it is no less a person than the Director general of the ministry , Pushpakumara  who was the culprit in this molestation .Lanka e news as well as other media reported this disgraceful incident. Yet not a word has been uttered or published regarding this incident by the foreign ministry . Neither was this disgraceful scenario condemned nor repudiated by the ministry . This irresponsible callous attitude  of a responsible ministry is most reprehensible , repulsive and abhorrent  because no less a person than the secretary of the ministry took all the trouble to transfer out the victim of the sexual molestation and suppress the incident instead of taking action against the sex starved criminals  and perverted scoundrels . What’s more ? This shameless despicable secretary is even  arranging to send this ‘Malkumaraya’ (perverted prince on the prowl) to Australia on a scholarship to gratify  his sex starvation  and perverted lust without any hindrance to contaminate that country too , and further disgrace   the motherland.

This senile Malkumaraya alias Kessila kumaraya with  the eternal incurable itch at the wrong place  is due for retirement within a year meaning that he has outlived his utility on earth .  It is worthy of note ,scholarships are awarded only to officers  who have some more time to retire. Then  what is the earthly benefit the government going to gain by awarding a scholarship at state expense to this sex pervert who is suffering from senile decay and considered a spent force  ? 
His wife and children are living in Australia . This is because during the period when he was serving in Australia he got them down there abusing diplomatic privileges. Later he left them in Australia  and returned to SL . No probe was conducted into this. 

When this is the factual situation prevailing in the country  , is anybody making speeches on country’s  discipline and state administration of any worth?
Let us  wait and watch what the people, trade unions and women’s rights activists  of the country who blame politicians alone for every  wrong have to say in regard to these dastardly and diabolic activities . Where on earth do you find state secretaries who arrange foreign scholarships to culprits against whom there is  also a  complaint at  the women’s bureau of the police ?

Hence, it is a most crucial question ,while  it is a well and widely known fact  these scoundrels  are not bureaucrats but ‘booruwa rats’ nibbling at the very image  and economy of the country , why are such rascals being pampered  ?

By Diplomutt

Translated by Jeff 

by     (2017-07-30 11:10:03)

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What are these so called womens organisations doing. They only want to appear on TV or other media dolled up.
-- by Bala on 2017-07-31

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