So called conveners of Inter University and medical students committees are not students but masqueraders !

(Lanka-e-News- 31.July.2017, 11.30PM)     By Leaders of various organizations under various names claiming they are representing the University student groups when   in fact they are individuals  who have finished their University education and are no longer in the universities , the credibility of the University associations have completely crumbled.
This was best illustrated when a bloke by the name of Sanath Bandara appeared before the media as the convener of the Inter University Students Federation . (IUSF)

This individual is one who had completed his University education and is now fulltime involved in Peratugami party politics. When Sanath Bandara arrived to address a meeting of the Colombo University and as representing the Inter University , he was chased away by the students. 

In like manner , Rayan Jayalath who claims he is the convener of the Medical student activist committee is also an individual  who had left the medical College, and receiving internship training. 

It has therefore come to light , the so called student leaders who are claiming they are from the ‘Lankan students movement ’ are no longer students , and they are the ageing blokes who have finished their University education.

If this information is being challenged ,these two individuals aforementioned  must  prove they are still registered students of Universities at the next media meeting. 

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What about Lahiru Weerasekara?
-- by citizen on 2017-08-01

To achieve desired goal and obtained with minimum causalities, is main target in and struggle,Current SAITM struggle is different,medical students going to waist there prime time their lives ,why, other stakeholders found they are cheap and can easily sent forward as soldiers without training,doctors do their part of protest while working,some full timers as above continue that is their life target, but why others continue without voice,we against SAITM ,hate Neville F'do but we have to fight with balance mind,should try to minimize the lose.,within another one and half year ,the picture would be changed with support of all directions you can change the government and with understanding with others you we can achieve the goal.Continuing boycott lessons won't make any good for us,doctors or others (political fellows) may not be happy but if we start studies we can minimize lose incurred.
-- by Chinta on 2017-08-23

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