Poojitha is more a rowdy and less an IGP ! He has inflicted torture on 70 officers including OIC before too

(Lanka-e-News - 19.Aug.2017, 2.00PM)    IGP Poojitha Jayasundara even when he was a DIG has been shamelessly behaving like a rowdy assaulting and inflicting torture on the subordinates , based on reports reaching Lanka e news. 

In September 2013 Poojitha had made  70 police officers including  the OIC of Kathankudy police station  to kneel down for more than an hour in public. 

By this action , the law enforcing officers were disgraced beyond measure before the pedestrians and people on the roads. Just because a lower rung officer committed a wrong , a superior police officer has no powers to insult or  make the subordinates kneel down. 

The IGP Ilangakoon at that time dispatched his special investigating unit officers under him , and conducted an investigation into the incident aforementioned . The officers following their investigations submitted a report to Ilangakoon which held Poojitha was indeed  a wrongdoer. Ilangakoon made a written request at that time to the Public Service Commission to take action against Poojitha , but because Poojitha was sneaking on everyone to notorious corrupt  Mahinda Rajapakse the then president  who too had an affinity to inflict  cruelty and torture on  innocent citizens , Poojitha  somehow managed to suppress the incident. 

It is evident therefore Poojitha is not only  an award winning IGP ( dubbed  Imbecile General of Police  because of his eccentric and hooligan  conduct)  for ruthlessly torturing  , insulting and assaulting police officers , but one who knows how to escape punishment too by shamelessly resorting to all the sordid and unscrupulous  activities.

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