Torturer Poojitha marginalizes Shani the efficient honest CID Officer and prefers Mevan his stooge for CID Director post !

(Lanka-e-News - 27.Aug.2017, 5.15PM)  It is an incontrovertible fact that Sri lanka’s  IGP Poojitha Jayasundara has by now become most notorious for his egregious wrongdoings - openly insulting  , humiliating as well as inflicting harassment and torture on the police officers including a woman police officer , and thereby had earned the displeasure and resentment of the entire public . Not enough the disgrace he has brought upon the police force owing to his misconduct ,and  having come to know the heinous criminal charges he is facing  , instead of honorably resigning  is now engaged in another deadly mischief  to the detriment of the police force and the entire country . That is , he has made deadly and  sly moves to appoint his  henchman Mevan Silva as the director of the CID in order to extricate himself from the criminal charges already tainting him, based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

Following the promotion of SSP Nagahamulla , Director CID to the post of DIG on the 19 th ,  the vacancy of post of Director , CID arose. 

It is the consensus of all without exception that the most suitable candidate for this post of Director CID which has now fallen vacant is , Shani Abeysekera a senior police officer  who has served in  the CID for a long time. He is not only most efficient but also well known for his integrity and commitment to his duties. Besides, being  not an outsider and is already  in  the CID , and the post of director CID is filled by somebody within the CID , Shani is most eligible for that post .
This was borne testimony to when Mevan asked for a transfer to Airport services  earlier on. This was obviously because he knew that is the place where bribes are plentiful and offered on a platter . But because his venal habits and favorite despicable hobbies were too well known he was not appointed. Mevan Silva created a commotion in the CID for not appointing hm. Hence appointing such  a Mevan Silva as director CID is tantamount to plunging  the CID into unprecedented doom and gloom.

The special investigation unit (SIU)  which is a section of  the Police internal information searching division which is answerable  only to the IGP  was entrusted by Poojitha to Mevan Silva . This was because Mevan himself is  suffering from megalomania like Poojitha , and  like him is venally inclined.  

Now, the IGP’s desire is to make his closest stooge Mevan Silva the director of CID for obvious reasons. It is learnt towards this end ,Poojitha is being ably  supported by  a minister who is currently incriminated in a most notorious  crime , but parades as a paragon of virtue among society .

Incidentally , the IGP had forwarded only the name of Mevan Siva to the Constitutional Council on 24 th.  As a rule a single name is not forwarded to the Constitutional council for its approval . In any event the Constitutional Council put off  its decision until a later date . 

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This Asoochita Jayasundara should be derobed of the IGP-uniform and exposed as a severely psychologically handicappedand scarred person who has brought shame to Sri Lanka in general and to the police force in particular. However, the question remains, who is going to bell Asoochita?
-- by J. Banda on 2017-08-28

He has now gone on record saying it was the proposal of the President MS to recommend Mevan. ?? What the take who is the crook ?? MS or PJ. ??
-- by Anto on 2017-09-08

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