‘Just wait until 3 rd Sept. I shall do what you did to Wijedasa– I shall purge my side of villains’ president to UNP Radical Tide !

(Lanka-e-News - 28.Aug.2017, 12.30PM) Like how  Wijedasa Rajapakse alias Dealdasa was kicked out for engaging in villainies  against the good governance of the consensual government while being within it , after the 3 rd of September a decision will be taken by him against those villains of the SLFP camp too , president Maithripala Sirisena solemnly pledged to the ‘UNP Radical Tide’ parliamentarians. 

The president made  this solemn pledge in no uncertain terms when he met with the UNP Radical tide group on 23 rd night. 

The Radical Tide wanted this meeting  with the president to discuss the issues engendered by the SLFP M.P.s and ministers who are acting in a manner that is hostile to the consensual governance and against  the unity of consensual government . ‘The president was steered to the exalted position by our group that worked with commitment towards that while making supreme sacrifices . It is we who made all the contribution to protect , propel  and promote the president at that time , much more than those who were hostile to you,’  ‘ The Radical Tide’ honestly elucidated  and notified  the president . It is then the president gave that solemn assurance to them .

 ‘Just wait until the SLFP convention on  3  rd September  is over. I shall take a firm decision after that against those who are creating obstacles on my side’ the president vowed.
This discussion was most fruitful and successful because of  president’s inspirational message to the ‘Radical Tide’ , ‘‘if all of you had commenced this tide at least a year ago ,  we would have caught all the rogues by now.’’ The president while  blessing the UNP Radical Tide also effusively  thanked  the Radicals. 

Apart from the main discussion , the president revealed  to the Radical Tide that  there are 3 million Sri Lankans overseas , and they are exerting pressures for a people’s referendum . Hence he proposed to them to initiate measures through the good governance government to enlighten those abroad  on the government’s programs  and muster their support with a view to  organize their help for   the country  . Currently , there are two separate Diasporas – the Tamil and Sinhala .  These Diasporas should be made into a single ‘Sri Lankan diaspora’ . Towards this end , MPs must travel abroad two at a time and work to achieve that goal , the president proposed. 

An M.P. of the Radical Tide who holds a doctorate (Ph.D.) explained to the president, in this regard  already a conceptual paper has been prepared. 

The Radical Tide after having   dinner with the president , left greatly inspired and with enthusiasm to make giant strides in the direction of  their aims and ambitions  in the national interests. 

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-Gazette notification on 23 rd regarding stripping Dealdasa of both portfolios ! 

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Well done mr President,we hail you as agreat Statesmen and true patriot to bring sri lanka to a great nation the Prime Minister is a slow and shallow thinker,who does not have the go and the guts to inspire the entire UNP group this break away group is a tremendous group that will eliminate curruption and bring Sri lanka to its original glory we support you as the expat group around 3 million in numeber from US,England.,Germany,australia ,new Zealand,Canada switzerland etc etc
-- by nalaka on 2017-08-28

Just a moment Mr. President. If you were to purge ALL the villains in power appointed by you, then you will neither have an IGP nor hardly a half-full House of Parliament consisting of backstabbing, bootlicking backstenchers.
-- by Asitha Perakadoru on 2017-08-28

The President remarked that the UNP Radicals should have acted a year ago! It was his mistake in the first place to nominate those who had been defeated!! He should be blamed for the present situation.
-- by Cynic on 2017-08-29

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