Doctor mafia and politicos seek to rescue drunken doctors charged with attempted rape ! JMO issues fake certificate!

(Lanka-e-News - 29.Aug.2017, 8.30 PM)  Two doctors of the government service (that  claims and proclaims that it is  superior than the rest in the medical profession)  who were drunk as skunks tried to abduct and commit rape on a mother who had come to take her child from the  tuition class . Sadly this was exposed only by one  television channel . 

Based on information reaching Lanka e news inside information division , the chief minister of the province Mahipala Herath and his son Kanaka Herath M.P. together with Kegalle hospital judicial medical officer Jayaweera are leaving no stone unturned to suppress this incident .

These two scoundrels who brought disgrace on  the noble profession and the nation are  dental doctors  attached to the Kegalle hospital.  One of them  by the name of  Chamara Priyankara is 32 years old and is a resident of Pallegama , Deidgama , while the other is Don  Ranjith from Kegalle itself.  The latter also runs a private dispensary  in the vicinity of Shalika hotel , Kegalle. 

According to information reaching Lanka e news , these two  government doctors of the so called self proclaimed superior standard doctor mafia have acted most shamelessly worse than animals  by attempting  to  commit rape on a helpless innocent mother  ……

On the 26 th a free medical clinic was conducted under the patronage of chief minister Mahipala Herath at Alapanawa ,Kegalle on the 26 th.  These two dental doctors too have participated in this program and all  the doctors were served with liquor. Chamara  and Don after eating and drinking there had got a lift in another doctor’s vehicle . They have on the way bought another bottle of liquor from a restaurant , and stopped at Nidahas mawatha , Kegalle .

 The victim had arrived with her brother to pick up her child from the tuition class. While she was waiting on the road until the child returned after the tuition class, her brother has gone to a shop nearby .

It is at that moment these two doctors have accosted her. These two doctors  Don and Chamara of  so called  ‘superior ‘ standard doctor mafia have seized her by the hand and tried to force her into the vehicle. The intention was to abduct her ,  take to Ranjith’s dispensary nearby and rape her. The mother who  screamed and shouted for her brother , had got her hand released  and beaten   Chamara . 

The bystanders on hearing the screams have arrived on the scene and assaulted the two doctor rascals. Chamara was pummeled after stripping him of his clothes .As the dispensary of Don was nearby , both tried to escape into the dispensary , but the crowd had prevented that , informed the police and taken these two culprits in another vehicle to the police station.
As is often the case when politicians and doctor mafias are involved  , lawlessness took  precedence.  These two culprits who tried to commit a most heinous crime had given phone calls to Mahipala  and his son when they  had  intimidated and threatened the police. They have warned  the police not to include their names  in the complaints , the aforementioned television channel revealed in its telecast (the relevant video footage is hereunder ). More doctor hooligans  had then arrived at the police station to save the sexually frustrated doctor drunkards.

The police after taking these two inebriated  doctors into custody produced them before the Kegalle hospital JMO Jayaweera to get  the breathalyzer report 

Lo and behold! Though these sex starved  doctor culprits were drunk  as  skunks Dr.Jayaweera the JMO  being their friend issued a bogus report that they were sober. The police who  were shocked by this report could do nothing except express their dismay .

Subsequently when these two culprits were produced before the acting magistrate Eureka Wimalaweera ,Chamara was remanded until the  30 th while Don was released on bail .Since the culprit doctors also  made a complaint they were assaulted , the police arrested two residents too  , and released them on police bail. 

Ironically ,the victim who suffered at the hands of these two legged animals calling  themselves   ‘superior doctors’ is the daughter of a police sergeant. Not enough the sly efforts made by the doctor mafia to save  the doctor rascals through falsified reports , the politicos Mahipala and his son Kanaka Herath have also started making threats to withdraw the complaint . 

Worse part ? These two rascally politicos have also desperately tried to preclude these reports from  being published by the media. Consequently , only the Hiru TV channel reported this. Now , even the media that exposed this is being intimidated and threatened by the doctor mafia and the politicos.

Law abiding citizens are earnestly waiting and watching what action  the health administrative authorities are going to take against the Kegalle hospital JMO for issuing a fake breathalyzer report.
The vide footage of Hiru channel which exposed the most  disgraceful incident of attempted rape by doctors (of all people ) of the most noble profession , is hereunder .

Whither the medical profession with a self proclaimed  ‘superior doctor’ mafia 

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