Today is commemoration of the reneging on pledges made to masses on January 8 th - President moving along political suicide ‘cyanide route’ !

(Lanka-e-News - 04.Sep.2017, 6.00PM)  Maithripala Sirisena was the first presidential common candidate who got elected as the president of the country solely and wholly based on his most solemn promises to the masses that he would be non partisan after his victory  . Nevertheless,   it is with deep  regret we are now  reluctantly compelled to  report to the 6.2 million Sri Lankans of the rainbow revolution who voted him into power on 2015-01-08 that despite his most solemn  pre election and post election pledges as well as  promises chose to cast his ‘non partisan’ promise into the garbage bin within 72 hours of his appointment as president to secure  the leadership of SLFP and take  the unstable ,   despicable and deplorable ‘cyanide route’ –political suicide  !

Sadly  Maithripala is now stranded at the crossroads to the detriment of the country because of the latest SLFP proposals pertaining to the new constitution. Though it was notified all party proposals in regard to the new constitution shall be sent in before the 31 st of August, the SLFP after  dilly dallying finally handed over its belated  proposals to the steering committee of the constitutional council. The proposals contained in a sealed  covering letter was handed over to the secretary to the constitutional council .The official media spokesman Dilan Perera insisted  , the sealed letter shall be opened only on the 6 th and 7 th , which are the days the steering committee will be meeting. 

Based on reports reaching Lanka e news , the SLFP ‘s proposal is in favor of  curbing  the executive presidency power  and against  abolishing it. In other words the president is to continue as  a  leader  elected on the people ‘s votes and not as a non executive president  appointed by the parliament (non executive) . (If a president is elected on the people’s votes , he acquires powers of executive which are more than those  under the constitution )

This stance of the SLFP is obviously a complete turnabout  on its avowed  policies because  since  the period of late Sirimavo Bandaranaike the SLFP along with her fiercely  opposed and staged protests near the Pettah Bo tree against the introduction of the executive presidency by  Late J R Jayawardena in 1978. 

The president of the SLFP constitution formulation committee Nimal Siripala De Silva and its members earlier on said , their decision will be forwarded to president Maithripala Sirisena for his final ratification. Therefore the final proposals of the SLFP committee ought to  have been handed over to Maithripala Sirisena  for his ratification, while  the latter each time he met with the leaders of the Civil organizations   was vowing  with all his strength  that he would be in the vanguard  of abolition of the executive presidency .

This being  a clear exhibition of two contradictory stances it cannot represent   the actual picture, because the leader of the party cannot take one stance while his own party’s committee is  taking another stance. Besides ,in the history of the SLFP never had there been such a queer and dubious   situation any day .

Under these circumstances , there are two indications  : If it is the final  view of the proposal committee whose chief is Nimal Siripala that   the executive presidency shall be continued , then Maithripala Sirisena cannot any longer be accepted as the leader of the SLFP party because it is clear the Maithri faction of the SLFP is not obeying him and defying   his  leadership .  If that is not the case ,  the stance of the SLFP committee is clearly that of Maithripala himself. 

No matter what the overriding truth  is Maithripala Sirisena  continuing as executive president is tantamount to himself  kicking out his election manifesto based on which he was voted into power by 6.2 million people who implicitly  trusted in his solemn pledges and promises  that he would abolish the executive presidency within 100 days of his being elected to power.  Now that  two years have elapsed  since he was elected as the president of the country , it  means without any doubt  that it can inevitably  pave the way for a rift within the consensual government .

It is significant to note,  according to reports reaching Lanka e news , the UNP had already for the second time informed the president that if he is anxious  to continue with enjoying  the ‘sweet taste’ of the presidency some more  , the UNP is prepared to gratify his whim  by promising  and  co operating with him  by   naming  Maithripala Sirisena for the second time to make him  the president via the parliament , and thereby  concede that privilege too to him, so that   the SLFP will then extend its support to the new constitution in accordance with the 2015-01-08 people’s mandate.
Based on the new proposals of the SLFP however , it  seems impossible to avert the possible  policy crisis  that can spring up  between  the UNP and president Sirisena.   Indeed this is what the Rajapakse faction of the SLFP is earnestly anticipating  and this can mean  playing into their  hands ;  and Nimal Siripala being the ‘sculptor’ of the SLFP proposals , he could be  the Rajapakse  demonic  spirit hiding under the attire of Maithripala . Yet , it is for Sirisena to see the issues  in the right perspective , and it is he who should resolve those honorably and honestly  in the best interests of the masses to whom he gave umpteen promises and pledges on which he is now reneging. 

Meanwhile , based on reports reaching Lanka e news,  at the SLFP convention on the 3 rd  a resolution is to be adopted to continue with the  executive presidency . Thereafter , president Maithripala is to sing a baila ‘ I agreed to abolish the executive presidency , but since that was opposed at  our party convention  , aney , now I cannot do anything. ‘ 

As  the sophisticated  residents  in  Colombo   and London , so the Veddahs of Binthenna and  the  uncivilized  pygmies of the Congo forest ,  in order to put their children to sleep  sing their own lullabies , and the children too fall asleep.  But let us warn  , no crying child can be put to  sleep just because any  tribal member of the backwaters  sings   a  ‘baila’ however tuneful. 

In the event president Maithripala is unable to change his ‘cyanide route’ , fails  to stand by the 2015-01-08 people ‘s mandate , and does not have  the courage , integrity  or spirit  to live up to his most solemn promises and pledges he made to the people , it will be impossible to avert the inscription of  his name Pallewatte  Gamaralalage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena however long carved on   the ignominious and inglorious  historical  records  of Sri Lanka  . 

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