Welikade jail massacre : prime eye witness’ house attacked ; president’s speech motivates criminals !

(Lanka-e-News - 06.Sep.2017, 11.25AM)    The house where the main eye witness in the Welikade jail mass murder of 27 prisoners resides  was attacked by a group on the 4 th at about 11.00 p.m. The group had fired at the house several times.  The eye witness Sudesh Nandimal temporarily lives  in this  house of his sister at Moratuwa.  However no one was hurt. 

Sudesh is the General secretary of the organization for protection of rights of inmates of prisons . According to him this attack was to deter and daunt him with a view to suppress the Welikade jail massacre. 

Following president Maithripala Sirisena’s public announcement on the 3 rd at Campbell park mentioning the name itself of Jagath Jayasuriya that he would rescue the army officers who committed crimes ,   it is apparent that has encouraged and given a fresh impetus  to the murderers of the nefarious lawless decade  because this incident occurred just a day after president’s obnoxious announcement.

It is because such foolish and provocative  statements made in public can create such grave and most dangerous lawless situations  to the detriment of the entire country that  responsible and intelligent leaders with foresight who give precedence to national interests over  their own self seeking cheap  political gains and popularity  do not indulge in such reckless rash utterances  that can motivate and inspire  criminals. 
Photo -courtesy Right to Life 

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