Dr. Nirmali runs helter-skelter to get prisoners Lalith-Pelpita admitted to hospital !

(Lanka-e-News - 08.Sep.2017, 10.00PM)   Believe it or not ! Even before the two culprits Lalith Weeratunge the ex secretary to deposed notorious president Mahinda Rajapakse , and  Director General of Sri Lanka Telecom Regulatory Commission (TRC) Anusha Pelpita  arrived in Welikade  prison following  the court sentence, it was Dr. Nirmali Thenuwara the chief controller  of the prison hospital who was most anxiously waiting for hours on end to receive them with open arms. 

The Lalith –Anusha duo was finally admitted to ward K of the prison. This ward has a dispensary , and the chief controller  frequents that place. On that day the doctor who was in charge of the ward until 6.00 p.m was Kandamby and thereafter Dr. Sandya.

Strangely the duo was not presented to both these doctors  and Nirmali has taken special pains to go and meet the two new prison inmates. Lalith and _Pelpita were examined by her , and she has written two cards to admit them to the prison  hospital  citing the grounds they  are suffering from diabetes.
Nirmali did not stop at that , she also went and waited at the hospital until 6.00 p.m. expecting the duo to come there.  In fact the whole country too was wondering what time the duo was going to be admitted to the hospital . Indeed Nirmali waited till 8.00 p.m. to receive the two ‘super duper’ zeroes who have suddenly become patients , until they were  brought from their K ward.  Disappointed Nirmali finally had to go home as her plans did not work.  Finally the two culprits  could not get themselves  admitted to the Prison hospital on the first day of incarceration.

This was solely and wholly because so many were inquiring about the incident  and the prison officers became apprehensive , as a result the hospitalization drama could not be successfully staged. 

It is to be noted Nirmali had behaved in this manner in regard to Sarana Gunawardena too on 4 th and 5 th September .Sarana was incarcerated on 4 th September afternoon. On the 5 th morning even before the Welikade  prison dispensary was opened Nirmali crept in to examine Sarana who was hale and hearty , and transferred him to the prison hospital.

In the circumstances , Nirmali will be well advised if she learns first to conduct herself as a true medical practitioner without overstepping her bounds . By trying to go beyond and  behind powerful bigwigs who are behind bars , she can only put herself  behind bars sooner than later, in which event she will not only lose her stethoscope but also that little remaining  ‘status hope ‘ .

By a special reporter of LeN inside information division.

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This what crooked Wijedasa has left of the judicial system. It would have been better if judgment is passed for spending time in the "prison hospital" straight away . The judgment should state that any time spent in the hospital should not be counted as part of the completion of the sentence.
-- by Citizen on 2017-09-09

Can we get a list of the names of inmates who are in the prison hospital under the RTI act ? Can you publish this list on daily basis if possible.
-- by Sarojini on 2017-09-09

No special privileges As in our over crowded hospitals elsewhere the prison hospital should remove beds and provide mats
-- by D. Dias on 2017-09-11

Well Dr. Nirmali or not whoever it may be the prison regulation states that a y prisoner being convicted will have to be screened for any disease and will also note the ongoing medications . And mind you it is mandatory. There are several prisoners being admitted every day. Now this case is being highlighted because of the high profile prisoners. And I do not think that all three doctors would have signed it if they do not have any justification. In case if the prisoners are not provided medical attention it becomes a case of violation of Human Rights and the doctors will be blamed for that too. Correct me if i am wrong the prison department could still trasnfer the patients from the prison hospital to anywhere they wish inspite of any doctors recommendations and the doctor concerned would not have recommended 5 star foods but only healthy foods that would be given to any prisoner . Bringing such food is not the doctors fault . It is the fault of prison officers who permit them. Blame the shooter not the arrow and mind you I am not a supporter of UFPA.
-- by KRT on 2017-09-12

The Hon Minister of Prison Reforms, D.M. Swaminathan has instructed that prisoners who wish to get themselves admitted to the prison hospital should be certified by a panel of 3 Doctors. Has his been done in the case of the so-called 'high profile' prisoners who, upto the time they were sentenced were hale and hearty to carry out nefarious activities? If this has not been done as yet WHY and WHY do they still remain in the prison hospital?????
-- by Godfrey on 2017-09-15

The Doctor should be in Prison-not in the Prison Hospital!
-- by neil wijeratne on 2017-10-18

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