Are there such backward looking judges of the backwater who kowtow to peons ? Is black magic that tragic ?

(Lanka-e-News- 12.Sep.2017, 9.40PM) It is the chief justice who is the highest in the hierarchy of the  judiciary  who dispenses justice to the people , one may think.  Another may  think it is the minister of justice , and that  was the very reason which led to the justice minister being  transferred out recently for announcing  he would not  file action against the criminals of the corrupt nefarious decade . Yet some other individual may harbor  the view the highest  in the judicial hierarchy is the Attorney General (AG).

Nevertheless, based on information garnered by Lanka e news courts inside division , it is shockingly a peon in the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) who is capable of doing what nobody else can in the courts of Sri Lanka. He is capable of doing much more than all the judges singly or together  mentioned hereinbefore . That ‘omnipotentate’  is   Sagara Edirisinghe the peon right  down in the  ladder . Unbelievably , it is solely and wholly  because a majority of judges are kowtowing to this peon he is that powerful  . If we reveal why it is so, it will be possible to figure out , to what shockingly  lowliest, despicable , deplorable, uncivilized and retrogressive  level Sri Lanka has descended .

Unbelievably because many   judges treat sorcery , charms , light foretelling and ‘cutting’ charms based on their stupid superstitions as their ‘essential services’ , they are dependent on this peon alias cunning  minion He  is most powerful in the judicial service , since  these judges are shamelessly under obligation to him.
Though the appointments , transfers of judges are done by the JSC , it is this peon Sagara who rides the high horse nevertheless  , and being so powerful , it is he who must be pleased  for judges to get  promotions and transfers. Say , if Sagara  reveals to a judge he is denied his promotion and  it is because of the black magic  spell cast  against him by another judge, the former  trails behind Sagara to get that charm ‘cut’ and render it  ineffective. The Devale Sagara has chosen for these dastardly , stupid and devilish activities is Nagala Raja Maha Vihara Devale.

It is very unfortunate a great many of those in the JSC are blind followers and  are maniacally obsessed with these superstitions. No wonder Sagara the peon walks, poses and parades like a colossus . 

If anyone has witnessed a most powerful bigwig  of the JSC falling  at the  feet of a cunning widow and  worshipping her as  ‘Anuradhapura mother’ (deity) while  listening to her  astrological predictions, one is forced to exclaim with dismay ‘ what has gone wrong with our  judicial  Institutions which are supposed to be the proud sentinels of  the justice system of  Sri Lanka?’  Hence , it is not a matter for surprise   in these circumstances to see  cunning minions  like Sagara the peon ruling  the roost when  he knows it is  morons he is dealing with.

The story about how peon Sagara the minion rose to this dizzy height is most interesting and intriguing …

Initially, Sagara was a peon of  lawyer Karunatilake Pitumpe at Kurunegala. It was Sagara who  facilitated and carried out all the rackets and illicit activities of Pitumpe.   One day a  racket indulged in by the duo  came to light , and under the Notaries Act , a case was filed against Pitumpe who  was finally fined  by court . 

Pitumpe who suppressed this incident , somehow got himself appointed as Labor Tribunal president  subsequently.  Pitumpe  of course never forgot to get back his accomplice cum  peon too , and make him  a regular  peon of the judicial service. Later , after it was unearthed   that Pitumpe was a culprit who paid a fine under the Notaries Act , he was chased out from  the Labor Tribunal . Sagara however got himself entrenched as a peon of the judicial service. 

Meanwhile Sagara inveigled himself into the favor of a most notorious former chief justice Sarath N. Silva . He curried favor with him and became the organizer of poojas of  sanctimonious humbug Sarath Silva. Sagara becoming a good driver  and as a peon who discharges his duties well, operated to his advantage.

Sagara making full use of  his cunning took Sarath N.  Silva to Nagala Raja Maha Vihara Devale , helped him in his charms and black magic interests , and managed to get a transfer to Colombo judicial service. Thereafter , Sagara became an indispensable character to the judges who were associated with the JSC. Sisira Ratnayake , Upali Hewawasam and Vasana Navaratna were a few of the many who fell prey to Sagara’s manipulative black magic and subterfuges.
In a country where there are judges who rub shoulders with peons because of their foolish and maniacal obsessions with sorcery , black magic and  stupid superstitions with a view to ‘cut’ so called charms , it is not a matter for surprise to see them   remain silent and unconcerned even when prisoners who were sentenced to rigorous imprisonment are enjoying  ‘Royal’ luxurious comforts including sumptuous meals while still within prison hospital. It Is not justice and its dispensation that matter to them , rather their foolish superstitious beliefs and black magic  preoccupation.

In the photograph is Peon Sagara Edirisnghe of the Judicial Service who holds sway among morons.

By a Lanka e news  courts inside information division reporter

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State medical parents went to Seenigama to do occult magic against Supreme Court hoping it will close SAITM. Evil satan must be thrilled to have many get karmic judgment to go down with him. True right with justice will prevail.
-- by citizen on 2017-09-13

This man cant be a peon. He must be the Chief Justice, to all appearances.
-- by Perumal on 2017-09-13

If your news is that true it is matter for the information of the Commonwealth and UN judicial counterparts and you should pass it to them, swearing upon it! The reason is to keep off Hybrid Courts and Judges to the wish of MS alone.
-- by punchinilame on 2017-09-13

It could now be construed that Sarath Silva`s verdict on MR`s Tusami funds was also subject to this Peons intervention. BASL has no guts to go into this further, as politics is involved?
-- by punchinilame on 2017-09-13

Remember How Dr Worming Silva came to be so powerful ? its the same way, details on another forum.
-- by Jigsaw Jakson on 2017-09-14

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