Gota, Anura, Jayasuriya, summoned to CID for questioning on Welikade jail brutal massacre

(Lanka-e-News- 12.Sep.2017, 10.50PM)  Former defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse, ex senior DIG Anura Senanayake ,ex army commander Jagath Jaysuriya and Gotabaya’s  former intelligence advisor Hendavitharne , and some others have been issued notice  to appear before the CID for questioning in connection with the mass murder of Welikade prison inmates in 2012.
After the police STF controlled the rebellion  within the Welikade prison in 2012,  in the dead of night , a special group of the army  and some police officers entered the prison .  Based on a list of names that were in their possession , the prisoners were taken out of their cell , queued up and shot dead  most brutally.

The number of victims in that ruthless ghastly massacre was 27.  Among these victims was also  the suspect   who killed two monks in  his panic when he was attempting to steal the SapumalKumaraya’s Royal  sword on behalf of Rajapakses from Raja MahaVihara Temple. In themass murder that night  many of the witnesses who were to give evidence pertaining to  Rajapakses’ crimes were liquidated. 

Recently , the house of Suresh Nandimal prime eye witness to this massacre , came under attack . A group that arrived in the night hadopened fire .

The former minister of justice WijedasaRajapakse the faceless notorious renegade cum wheeler dealer who was playing ‘double games’ while being in the government , openly betraying it and therefore  sacked ,  was hiding the report of the Special Commission that was appointed to investigate the mass murder . There were numerous   accusations made openly against Wijedasa , however the latter had sent a letter of demand only to Keerthi Tennekoon of CaFFE organization  on the 11 th.

A number of organizations are to convene a media discussion today (12) in front of the prison  to demand an expeditious and unbiased investigation into the ruthless mass murders committed within Welikade prison ,and to exert pressures to bring all  the culprits to book.

(It is significant to note, Lanka e news first with the news and best with the views always was the first to expose  the Welikade massacre with photographs)

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Thanks, dear S R for elucidating us with facts of this whole episode which never appears in our other medias. It is the Len who published the details of this daring holocaust from its inception. Thank you once again.
-- by Gratiaen Hewa on 2017-09-13

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