The President’s Committee ready with solution ahead of the SC solution on SAITM.

(Lanka-e-News - 17.Sep.2017, 11.45PM)  It is a well and widely known fact that the extremist opportunist group which  is  looking for a short cut to power is  inciting  immature inexperienced University students to hooliganism and violence , and creating  unrest in the country    making the innocuous SAITM an issue , despite the fact a solution through court is  pending based on the appeal filed by this opportunistic extremist  group.  

However the Presidential  Committee of experts appointed by the president to search and find a solution to  the SAITM issue has already handed over its report on the 11 th to the president  , and this report is now out.

Meanwhile the  appeal filed in  the supreme court (SC)  was heard on three consecutive days – 11 th , 12 th and 13 th , and its  verdict is expected  to be delivered next week. Since  that decision is  going to be conclusive and final , all parties have to abide by it . That means the festering sore which stinks a mile of those against  SAITM will thereafter  be healed . It will also deal a death blow to the slogan ‘SAITM shall be eliminated.’

There is a delay on the part of the government  to legislate on the standard for medical education already decided , and to  appoint the president of the Medical council  most probably because of the SC decision that is pending.

It is very evident  that the JVP , Peratugami and the GMOA dubbed Government Medical Oppressors Association who are always acting detrimental to national interests staged  a strike on the 11th , 12 th and 13 th causing undue hardships to the helpless hapless patients in order to exert pressures on the SC which is currently hearing the trial. 

Even the JVP led Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) strike staged   at about the same time , was also with the same motive going by  the background that prompted the strike. Theirs   was an impracticable  demand of the majority of the employees and not a trade union demand. Their demand was , ‘eradicate corruption in the Ceylon Electricity Board’. This demand without revealing whose corruption or the culprits  was  just an impracticable demand , and nothing more. 

It is an incontrovertible truth that the  inexperienced incapable   Leftist morons  entangled  the younger   generation in their so called struggles in the past  , and even made them to sacrifice their lives in thousands not once but twice in their  futile efforts to  realize their foolish pipe dreams  during the last over four decades . Despite these failures and past disastrous experience , and full  knowledge that their unjustifiable demand to close the SAITM will never be successful ,   the Leftist leaders are still exploiting the innocence and immaturity of the students to make them waste their precious time agitating blindly against  the SAITM ,  because the leaders  are  lured  by filthy lucre. These unscrupulous   Leftist leaders with sordid aims , by now a spent force  are receiving huge kickbacks  when they oppose SAITM. This is why they want to perpetuate this so called struggle. 

While  Wijeweera’s children , the adopted child of Anura Dissanayake and children of Premakumara Gunaratnam are  studying abroad or in leading private  schools and Institutions , it is abundantly clear  these so called leaders but for their selfish gains and self centeredness will not try to portray to the poor immature innocent children who  are their  blind  followers that the  SAITM a private higher  education Institution is  vicious and venomous. 

It is very unfortunate , even after the president twice invited the GMOA terrorist doctors to appear before the Committee appointed by him to find a solution to this SAITM issue , these doctor jokers have not responded. This is clear inference that these doctor jokers like the terrorists  desiring violence and killing,   want to perpetuate this issue , kill patients and create mayhem in the country . Like these doctors are suffering from eternally stinking scabies , they want to make the SAITM issue which is  a minor bruise too into a festering incurable sore .

The report in Sinhala released by the president’s Committee on the 11 th is appended. It can be viewed after  magnification by clicking on the image .

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