20 th amendment: two third majority in parliament plus referendum necessary- SC

(Lanka-e-News - 20.Sep.2017, 11.45PM)  The 20 th amendment to the constitution which the government sought to introduce with a view to enact laws to hold elections for all provinces  on the same day based on the government ‘s pledge made during the last elections , according to the Supreme court should be passed by a two third majority and a people’s referendum .  The  Supreme Court (SC) had communicated this to  parliament through the speaker on the 19 th.

The  20 th amendment to the constitution was sought in order  to hold the Provincial  Council (PC))elections in all provinces on the same day.

The official term of Sabaragamuwa , North Central and Eastern provinces are scheduled to end this month. If the 20 th amendment cannot be steered through , and if the PC elections of all provinces are to be held on the same day , the other  PCs   shall also be dissolved  with the consent of the chief ministers and governors of those  other provinces , on the day the term of the   above mentioned three provinces is  terminating.

According to the provincial council Act , the president cannot dissolve a  provincial council before its term is over. That can only be done on a resolution of the PC , and  by the chief minister informing the provincial governor. But it is doubtful whether the other PCs would agree to dissolve the councils before their  official terms are  over, because it is the pro Rajapakse groups that wield power in a majority of those PCs.

Meanwhile, the president recently said , the PC elections shall be conducted along   mixed electoral and proportional representation lines  based on the new  election system that was passed in respect of PCs. 
While the government is moving heaven and earth to conduct the PC elections in a  day pursuant  to its election promise , it is a pity the bankrupt opponents are accusing the government that it is  getting ready to postpone elections in  fear. 

All these are only  pointers that changing the outmoded systems to introduce  new ones beneficial to the country   is no easy task.

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