Saman Senanayake an ace confirmed corrupt scoundrel sent away by president back in the saddle ! -Corruption goes on non stop !

(Lanka-e-News- 25.Sep.2017, 9.10AM) It is a well and widely  known fact that   former Wayambe environmental Authority director Saman Senanayake was the one who reached a notoriety so high  which even the high heaven could not contain.  He is best known  as a most corrupt and unscrupulous political pimp who devastated the Wayambe province for 26 long years while  serving rascally politicians and pandering to their anti  national  interests and villainies.   However two years ago he incurred  the wrath and displeasure of the good governance president , and as a result was sent on retirement. Now, this same rejected discarded Senanayake had once again after being relegated to the garbage bin emerged from it to become the advisor to the Wayambe province chief minister with a fresh determination to resume his characteristic sordid activities . The pertinent question is , how did this crook and corrupt rascal who incurred the wrath and resentment of the president the highest in the hierarchy become an advisor to the chief minister later ?

It is well known to the whole country what amount of damage this rascal caused to the environment to the detriment of the residents when he was the Environmental Director , Wayambe. This notorious rascal  subordinated all national interests to earning filthy lucre on he fixed which he fixed  his gaze all the time.  Wile collecting huge kickbacks from corrupt companies engaged  in  illicit activities he drove the residents to utter despair and unbearable hardships  without caring two hoots for them  or their grievances. Lanka e news and other media had made endless exposures about this villain and traitor.
Until President Maithripala Sirisena was reminded and his mind was refreshed at a special meeting in Colombo on 2016-08-31 at 6.30 p.m. regarding all the treacheries, corruption and environmental disasters this traitorous political pimp caused for 26 long years , the president ( who is best known for appointing misfits)  did not have the heart to send this scoundrel of scoundrels on pension. 

The chief minister Dharmasiri who said ‘pardon me Sir, I shall not allow such things to happen again’ when he met the president , is unable to exist  without this record breaking crooked scoundrel . This is obviously because whatever  corruption and crooked activities of Dharmasiri  are most cautiously carried out by Saman  on his behalf. 

The same chief minister had permitted Saman  who went on pension last month to visit daily on the excuse of ‘Ran illama’ as chief minister’s advisor ‘license’ ,and to carry on regardless his favorite occupation (corrupt activities).
Saman is now back in the saddle who collected huge bribes in many millions of rupees from : 
Norway Jiffy Co. which polluted Deduru oya and the environment with  toxic  Calcium nitrate .
Bingiriya Nikko battery Co. which is still releasing lead poison to the people of Wayambe 
Indian Buwalka steel Co. polluting the Madampe environment with  heavy metal .

The asbestos Industry which contaminated  the drinking water  taken from the ground  by  the people around the Anavilundawa bird sanctuary. The chief minster obviously  had got him back even after knowing well about this corrupt crook because he himself  is a  partner in the crimes. 

How can such a record breaking corrupt crook who was identified by the president himself as a crook and rejected be recalled by the chief minister as his advisor ? Doesn’t that indicate the chief minister is himself a corrupt crook like Saman or even worse ,and that is why he cannot dispense with Saman?

To represent whom is Saman Senanayake to be given  an appointment now  in  the Public Utility Committee which is currently probing  the issues  which are militating against the establishment of the Norochcholai power plant . Saman the ace rogue is still parading  as Provincial environment authority director . Who gave him permission for that? 

What is the power he has to coordinate the Wayambe Bingiriya water project ? What is the eligibility or ability he has to monitor/ probe  a water project ?  Is it because there are billions of rupees on offer on  a platter to rogues that Saman the clever ,crafty ,corrupt crook was sent there ?

It is high time the president investigates how Wayambe chief minister made Saman his advisor who could not speak a word about his educational attainments and suitability before the president ? And what is this traitorous drama serial the chief minister is staging? 

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