Maharaja’s mahajara lies exposed ! Kiriella repudiates all charges against expressway contracts !! (Video)

(Lanka-e-News- 25.Sep.2017, 9.10AM)  “The last government spent (wasted) Rs. 6.9 billion to build one kilometer of the outer circular road (phase three)   whereas under our government the cost of 1 kilometer of the Central highway third phase  was only Rs. 3.9 billion.  Even when it is crystal clear the cost of construction of the expressway has been trimmed down by Rs.  3 Billion per kilometer , some are still trying to sabotage the activities and expressway constructions. “

Under the past government to build expressways the contract was granted  fancifully - just thought , just given. The Southern expressway  and the Colombo –Katunayake expressway contracts were granted sans following tender procedures,  Kiriella lamented. 

 “On the contrary, our government followed procedures duly and after calling for tenders granted the contracts.'' 

 “The original estimate for the Kottawa –Dodangoda expressway built by the last government was Rs. 9.6 billion , which swelled to Rs. 21.4 billion by the time it was completed.  The original estimate of the expressway from Dodangoda to Kurundugahathapma was Rs. 8.3 Billion which shot up to Rs. 26.3 billion . The original estimate for the construction of the expressway from Kurundugahathapma to Pinnaduwa was Rs. 8.7 billion which shot up to Rs. 35 billion at the end .”

The minister of higher education and highways Lakshman Kiriella revealed the above statistics when addressing the media briefing at the parliamentary  complex to enlighten on the government’s expressway projects . 

When the minister gave answers duly to the journalists and excused himself saying he had to attend a cabinet meeting while requesting his secretary to follow up if necessary , it was most shocking  when the television channels of Maharaja distorted the scene and telecast , the minister ran away without answering the questions.
Truly what happened was,   when the minister challenged  a henchman of Maharaja who questioned  to reveal his records,  it was  discovered the henchman  hadn’t  any records in fact. The henchman was in utter confusion since he was bluffing.However this incident was portrayed wrongly by the Maharaja channels to the public after deleting that part of the video tape. ( Vide the video footage below ).

The minister also warned not to sling mud with the motive to frighten the investors , in order  to secure tenders in favor of close friends of theirs. 

The video  footage of minister’s revelations is hereunder

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