President’s babyish pretences petering out ! Navy Commander Sinniah ‘s service terminated in a month !

-3 Admirals opposed the war ship deal yet unheeded!

(Lanka-e-News - 26.Sep.2017, 7.20PM)  The colossal racket  involving many billions of rupees  planned by Kili Maharaja the notorious wheeler dealer and the son in law of the president , pertaining to the purchase of a decrepit ten years old warship has not been approved by the newly appointed Navy Commander . Owing to this  a  conspiracy has been  hatched to oust him from the post soon  after he took oaths recently . His official term of service  is to be curtailed to  just another month only. 

Travis Sinniah the Navy Commander was a victim of political vendetta  during the corrupt nefarious decade  of the  last government . Sinniah an exceptional war hero was appointed as Navy Commander on 2017-08-18 amidst immense and intense opposition. He reached the age of 55 years on 2017-09-26 –today . According to Naval laws , though every Naval officer must retire when he reaches the age of 55 years, yet if he is appointed as Navy commander just prior to that he can continue in the post for a further 3 years. That is , as soon as he is  appointed as Navy Commander so he becomes eligible for an extension of his term by 3 years. However under the  corrupt Rajapakse reign , in order to appoint its henchmen and stooges as Navy Commander sooner , this three years extension period was trimmed down  to one year . Thereafter if only  necessary , further extension was granted after the one year period was over.

Therefore even based on the ‘Rajapakse theory’,  Sinniah can be granted  an extension of one year , yet the defense ministry has yesterday (25) granted him an extension of only one month. When president Maithripala Sirisena who is the defense minister cum chief of staff of the forces was contacted  while he was  in New York , he  had stated, he would be taking steps to give him an extension of at least  6 months. Yet , shockingly he had been given an extension of only a month in service.

It was just yesterday (25) morning, Lanka e news  revealed that president had tabled a cabinet paper seeking permission for the purchase of a warship which deal is more outrageous than the MiG racket of notorious Gotabaya because of the magnitude of the deal and the massive illicit gains and corruption intimately integrated with it  , and  that present  Navy Commander Sinniah had opposed this deal.
According to Naval sources , because the Navy commander resented this massive decrepit 10 years old warship racket  involving huge amount of filthy lucre , which was well planned by Kili Maharaja and the president’s son in law , moves are now afoot to oust the Navy commander in a month , and replace him with somebody  from the Rajarata -from the village of the president as the next Navy Commander.

In any event , three Admirals of the Navy have submitted a report earlier against the purchase of the ten years old Frigate class Russian warship of the Gepard category , which deal the president is trying hard  to steer through . They have in the report stated the ship is not suitable for SL. The three admirals are : Vice admiral S.S.Ramasinghe , Vice admiral Dharmabandu Wettewa and Vice admiral Neil Rajapakse, based on reports reaching Lanka e news.  

Whether this warship is suitable was probed into not by the present Sirisena administration but by the previous Rajapakse administration. They were the founders  of the idea to purchase this decrepit ship.

When it was being  probed then whether the ship was suitable , the vessel’s plan drawings were not forwarded. Hence the admirals had then gone to Vietnam to  inspect a similar ship in Vietnam at that time. Later they returned to the country and reported  that  the Russian ship was unsuitable. Subsequently  however when Sirisena became the president , he was  carried on the shoulders towards the same project ,  but by his own henchmen.

It  is despite  these three admirals giving  an adverse report against this deal , the ex Navy commander Ravindra Wijegunaratne has prepared a report that the decrepit ship is suitable , in order  to serve the dastardly aims of Kili Maharaja and  president’s son in law . 

It is clear now why the president gave an extension in service to Wijegunaratne even after he behaved like a creature from the planet of the Apes when  he  mauled a journalist , and despite  huge opposition mounted against it.

It is by now very obvious  why the president is readying to  send the present Navy commander on retirement in a month who rightly and accurately confirmed, this decrepit ship which is the center of a storm of controversy is not suitable for purchase. 

All these are clear pointers that  the days of  feigning ignorance and innocence of  president Maithripala  Sirisena as well as his babyish pretenses  are  petering to an end. It will be in the president’s own interest if he realizes sooner than later truth declares itself  some day somehow .

By Chandra Pradeep 


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The defence secratary MR Karunasena Hettiarachchi also opposed this deal and he too was shown the door. Shame shame
-- by Jon on 2017-09-26

There is no future for an honest person in this country.
-- by Eddie Wijesuriya on 2017-09-28

Let us wait and see if the kabal warship will hit a sandbank just like Mara's huge Hambantota project did.
-- by N. Kappitipola on 2017-10-22

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