No discrimination or divisions when touring the US !

(Lanka-e-News - 30.Sep.2017, 2.35PM)  A group of parliamentarians led by speaker Karu Jaysauriya representing all political parties is currently on an official tour of  Washington .

This group includes parliamentarians  Vijitha Herath (JVP) , Nimal Siripala De Silva (SLFP), Kumar Welgama (JO), Ranga Bandara (UNP) , Sumenthiran (TNA), as well as parliamentary Dep. General Secretary  Neil Iddawela, Foreign ministry secretary Prasad Kariyawasam and US ambassador to SL  , Athul Keshap. 

In the photograph herein is US parliament speaker Paul Ryan when he met with the SL delegation on the 28 th. 

 ( photos -courtesy SL embassy in Washington)

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-- by HUBERT on 2017-09-30

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