Billions of rupees misappropriated by Rajapakse’s relative Washington Ambassador Jaliya -proved with evidence !

Names of Maj. Gen. Sooriyabandara and Brigadier Ravipriya implicated !!

(Lanka-e-News - 01.Oct.2017, 6.10PM)   During the nefarious decade   when the corrupt cruel Medamulana Rajapakses were keeping the country and the nation trampled under their despotic boots ,  a relative of Rajapakse by the name of Jaliya Wickremasuriya who was in America as Sri Lanka’s  Ambassador to that country had collected colossal sums of monies  illegally under the ‘Presidential initiatives (special)’, based on reports reaching Lanka e news backed  by cogent and copious evidence.

These illegal payments have been fraudulently collected under various names sans supporting payment  . More shocking ! Even the signatures of the recipients have not been  not recorded..!

Hereunder are some examples :

After the end of the war in 2009, during the period between August to December , over Rs. 12, 611,186.00 , using  the name of major General Sooriyabandara had been collected within the 5 months , yet there is no  signature of the latter to confirm that. 

In  2010 , between March and August , a  sum of over Rs. 15 ,079,125.00 had been collected during the period of 6 months using  the name of Brigadier Ravipriya without his signature confirming it. 

All these payments had been misappropriated under the ‘president’s initiative (special)’. Whether Soriyabandaras and Ravipriyas collected these payments ? or didn’t they ? came under a cloud of doubts  after Samantha Sooriyabandara was chased out by the Rajapakses on the grounds that he was  pro Fonseka in order to take revenge .

 Sooriyabandara a war hero who was hurt and distressed left for Australia where he died eventually. Except Lanka e news and Sarath Fonseka who was jailed , not a son of a b…tch who is shouting on behalf of the war heroes now uttered  a word at that time. 

In the circumstances strong and reasonable doubts have proliferated that Jaliya the relative of Machiavellian mendacious ex president Rajapakse robbed these funds. ( If even a relative of Sooriyabandara  or Ravipriya will give us a clarification in this regard , we shall  publish that)
A sum of approximately Rs.24, 156,126.00  had been collected under this fund between 2012 and 2013  citing medical facilities to meet hospital bills . D.M. Jayarathne who was the prime minister during that period received medical treatment in the US , but there are no vouchers to indicate those payments were  in that regard. It is not known whether this Rajapakse ‘s relative Jaliya the ace crook  ‘sold’ even D.M. Jayaratne under this dubious ‘President’s initiative special’ 

Believe it or not , even phone call bills of mobile telephones have  been collected  under this  jiggery pokery ‘President’s initiative special’. By clicking on the image below details of these dubious payments and collections can be viewed  after magnification. 

Copy of the  relevant Document in English revealing details is hereunder…….

Payments made under Presidential Initiatives (Special) by the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington DC during the tenure of Ambassador Jaliya Wickramasuriya.

(1) The Presidential Secretariat had provided the allocations to the Embassy in Washington DC for the payment on Presidential initiatives (special) through the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington DC. Under the Presidential initiatives (special), Mission had released various payments on in completed payment vouchers. Most of the payments had been released to the names of persons without giving the details of the services obtained by the Mission in return. A copy of the letter No: FM/FI/157/209 dated 08 December 2009 issued to the Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the Presidential Secretariat providing allocation for the above is attached for reference as Annex 1.

(2) The scope of the Presidential special initiatives is not cleared and some payments related to the covering of medical expenses of the former Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne had been made under the Presidential special initiatives. A copy of the Embassy cheque No. 16469 dated September 18, 2012 issued by the Embassy releasing the payment of US$ 50,000.00 to the John Hopkins Hospital is attached as Annex 2.

(3) The details of the payments made by the Mission under Presidential Initiatives (special) are attached as Annex 3.

(4) Most of the payment vouchers are in - complete. It had just mentioned that “payable to special initiative program expenses”. There is no clarity on these payments as to who is the real recipient or the specific services obtained by the Mission. Few copies of such payment vouchers are attached as Annex 4.

(5) Unsettled Advance Payments

Mission had made some payments under the Presidential Initiatives (special) without obtaining proper allocations from the Presidential Secretariat. Those payments are still remained in Mission’s accounts as unsettled advance payments. There is no clarity on these payments and the stipulated financial regulations had not been followed in releasing the payments. The details of unsettled payments are attached as Annex 5.

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LeN - I doubt whether our GOOpalanaya will be keen in taking action because this son of a bitch is a relative of Medamulana Meeharaka. We should first get rid of GONsena and RANILpalsha to begin with.
-- by Shiranthi Pusee on 2017-10-01

These documents should be sent to the auditor general who will determine if there has been a misappropriation or not.A few photo copies don't prove much.
-- by NAK on 2017-10-03

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