President kneels down before criminal who forced a teacher to kneel down –appoints him as SLFP electoral organizer !

(Lanka-e-News - 15.Oct.2017, 12.30PM)   President Maithripala Sirisena who came to power on 2015-01-08 on the votes of 6.2 Million people who hoped he would ensure  good governance in the country based on his grandiose promises , has instead acted  in a most shameless deplorable despicable manner  by appointing a discarded confirmed criminal   Ananda Sarath Kumara as the SLFP organizer for Anamaduwa electorate . Even the infamous Machiavellian ex president Mahinda Rajapakse best noted for such  rascally and criminal propensities did not indulge in such a villainy as did the incumbent  president Maithripala .
Sarath Kumara became most notorious as a scoundrel who during the nefarious corrupt Rajapakse decade forced a lady teacher of Nawagathegama Nawodya school , Anamaduwa to kneel down on 2013-06-14 before him . Sarath Kumara was even punished by court owing to this despicable  hooligan conduct .

The former organizer Priyankara Jayaratne (ex state minister ) is now with Rajapakse group , therefore  he had been dismissed and this uncouth barbaric brute  Sarath Kumara who not only insulted  the teacher openly but even the noble profession was appointed by Maithripala the SLFP leader.

Following huge protests staged across the country at that time against this most rowdy conduct of Sarath Kumara the two legged beast , he was hauled up before court and punished. The court ordered Sarath Kumara to pay Rs. 50,000.00 as crown cost ,as well as  a further sum of Rs. 300,000.00 as compensation to the victim , and in addition sentenced him to two years in jail suspended to 7 years. 

That court verdict was delivered on 2014-05-12 during the corrupt nefarious Rajapakse decade . Based on that Sarath Kumara the ‘manimal’ was not granted the electoral organizer post , and at the subsequent election  he was not given nomination even by  notorious Mahinda Rajapakse . Mind you , Sarath Kumara is still serving the suspended sentence.

It is despite these glaring facts and lurid details  , Maithripala Sirisena of all people ,  the so called staunch advocate of  good governance  , decided after becoming the leader of the SLFP to appoint this two legged brute  Sarath Kumara as the Anamaduwa electorate organizer. In the circumstances , won’t  it be less shameful  for  Sirisena to stand nude before   the 6.2 Million pro good governance  voters who elected him to power and search for the hidden that was plucked from him by the scavenging crows and show his disappointment than to appoint such a discard as his Anamaduwa  electoral organizer ? It is being widely questioned, whether aren’t there better men and women in the country for the already crooks infested  SLFP  than only rascals ,rogues , pariahs and criminals ?
This reprehensible  move of the president is not only an insult to all the teachers of SL but the entire female race , said Josef Stalin , the secretary of All Island Lanka teachers association  .  He will be whipping up the support of all the teachers of SL to protest against the appointment of such a criminal as an electoral organizer , who was sentenced to jail  for treating  a teacher most disdainfully and  making her  kneel down  , Stalin speaking to  Lanka  e news revealed .

Stalin recalled  , Maithripala in much the same way after becoming the leader of the SLFP appointed another notorious kudu Lansa too as an electoral organizer , whom  even Mahinda Rajapakse did not appoint. 

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Whither bound? God knows!!!
-- by Gratiaen Hewa on 2017-10-15

Only an animal husbandry farmer who has experience managing a harakmaduwa in his hay days will appoint such a rascal on probation to a position of political responsibility at a place called Anamaduwa.
-- by G.O.N. Obeysekera on 2017-10-22

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