Demented toffee nosed DG makes Rupavahini a hellhole and prison camp for staff..! Media minister unsuccessful on second round !

(Lanka-e-News - 23.Oct.2017, 10.45PM) The appointment of senior , experienced minister Mangala Samaraweera as the media minister for the second  time was most welcomed  by the media personnel. However , by now that welcome is turning into a disappointment as his appointment for the second time seems to have driven him  into a thicket of difficulties.  

The case in point in  support of this perception  ,is the disastrous situation prevailing at Rupavahini  TV channel considered as a nerve center of any government in power.  This is because the  minister had been unable to appoint a suitable individual of his choice as the Director General of the Institution . In fact he has so far never stepped into it.

The entire problem is hinged on the fact , Thusira Melawathanthri the present Director General of this nerve center  being  ’ president’s man’, he  is exploiting that patronage  and wreaking havoc on this most vital Institution.
5 unions have jointly addressed letters pointing out this ‘mad circus’  of this president’s favorite to the president himself. A copy of the  second letter addressed  to the president has been sent to us too.

It appears that at the time when the media and finance ministries were brought together , the secretary of the Finance ministry being allocated the huge tasks of the media ministry is the main reason , based on  an external analysis . An additional secretary was appointed to the media ministry this crisis would not have  deepened. If minister Samaraweera is assuming by appointing Ruwan Ferdinands a close sidekick  of his as the coordinating secretary who has only the eligibility  requirement  - Samaraweera’s close friend and nothing else to carry on those duties  , the minister is laboring under a delusion since this is a position which must be filled by a special grade administrative officer .

Lanka e news at the beginning warned that Ferdinands is running several media Institutions and therefore this appointment will create  a conflict of interests ,and prove  disastrous.   

It is a pity the government’s efforts to bring forth to the people its ‘good work’ has been unsuccessful while the adversaries are successfully delivering home their racism and  religious hatred among the society through myths and falsehoods without any hindrance.  Not only the government’s enemies , even Ferdinands the co ordinating secretary of minister Mangala is clandestinely extending support to extremism via his media. To him Duminda Silva the infamous drug Lord is ‘God’. He even proffers advice to deposed discarded Mahinda Rajapakse to form a ‘real opposition’ . In those circumstances it is only a fool will think minster Mangala is unaware of all this. Why is  Mangala who brought forward ‘ Sudu Nelum’against racism  then when he was the media minister,  today after becoming the minister of media as well as finance asleep at the wheel ? 

Obviously the crazy antics of  crazed Mellewetanthri Thusira  the Director General (DG) of Rupavahini is an evil fallout of these lapses. Simply because Thusira is ‘president’s man’, can a UNP minister look the other way ?

The media personnel of Rupavahini who are committed to good governance have addressed a letter to the president for the second time with copies to the P.M. , the minister in charge , deputy minister and Lanka e news . The charges mounted in it against this demented buffoon Thusira are hereunder.

01. T.M.G, Chandrasekera the information officer of Rupavahini was sent on compulsory leave because he is a member of the Executive officers association . He was subsequently reinstated temporarily on the pressures exerted by  the trade  unions . Yet his office has been sealed, and his performance of duties has been disallowed. This decision is most ludicrous .

02. An investigation has been commenced , and the individual appointed as the chairman of this inquiry committee was the one who held  Chandrasekera guilty in an earlier  inquiry .

03. Scurrilous literature against Chandrasekera have been printed , and believe it or not ,  the documents which  were exclusively with the unhinged Director General have been used for this purpose . This is a clear index that Mellewathanthri despite holding a most  responsible post can be most irresponsible and  can stoop that low as to print  even  scurrilous notifications.

04. The DG summoned the members of the trade union and individually threatened them. Vindictive actions have been launched under the guise of disciplinary action against the trade union members if they don’t quit the trade unions.
05. This dipsomaniac DG who spends his whole  night in clubs is continuing  with his habit of daily scolding the Rupavahini Corporation  officers most insolently and disgracing  them in his drunken state. 

06. The Executive officers’ Association of Rupavahini had sent a letter through the association to the board of Directors including the chairman pointing out the ‘Psychotic  proclivities’ of DG , and  as  they cannot any longer work with him , to oust him.

07. It is our belief however that neither the   chairman nor the board has intimated to you in this regard. When the trade union officers inquired about this , the chairman had said he has no objection to their taking action en masse against the DG. Yet the letter that was sent had not been discussed at the Board meeting  so far.
08. The SL Rupavahini Corporation trade unions jointly including program  producers union, Technical officers union , production service artistes’ union and Rupavahini employees union have addressed a letter to the DG and the Chairman explaining the grave issues and crises plaguing the Corporation. The DG instead of showing a positive response has acted most villainously  and arrogantly taking advantage of the establishment code . The chairman on the other hand is inert and impotent .

09. In order to take revenge against  the trade unions , the DG has recruited 7 children of the members of another  defunct society .While the Rupavahini Corporation is already overstaffed , this action of the DG is arbitrary and anomalous. 

10. The dipsomaniac demented DG had only further confirmed his paranoid psychotic nature by interdicting two executive officers, transferring two others arbitrarily to other divisions , and calling for explanations from two producers. 

11. Mellewethanthri is now hospitalized. Yet he is so insanely bent on revengeful actions , he is signing those vengeful letters while in hospital. He has conducted himself violently  even in hospital so much so that  he has entered into conflicts with hospital staff too thereby disgracing the  Rupavahini  Corporation . He has concealed from the officers of the Institution his admission to hospital  . It is reported that he is suffering from some severe mental derangement , and is taking psychiatric treatment.  

12. When an officer of the News division went to the canteen to have meals , he was summoned because he was late by 15 mins. and  dismissed from his duties as editor.

13. Giving inordinate  exhibitionism  via the news telecasts to events which are attended by the DG has been made compulsory , and if by any chance his photographs are not given full display , the employees have to face his tirade . This has been made a habit by the DG.

14. He has given oral instructions that a DVD copy of every news report which covers the event in which he is a participant shall be given to him  immediately. Even the Hon. minister does not resort to such high handed actions nor does he give such overly arrogant instructions .

15. This DG who is suffering from acute megalomania is using the Rupavahini programs unduly  to inflate his deflated image only . His paranoia and megalomania have reached such    monumental proportions that he is behaving like a lunatic .

16. The DG is so warped mentally he wants to be greeted  with the words ’good morning’ even  20 times when he meets, and on occasions if that is missed , he threatens to take disciplinary action. 

17. By creating disputes between the executive officers and others instead of promoting harmony through his utterances   conducive to disputes and discord , the DG has confirmed he is not fit to hold that post.
18. If the security officer in the vicinity of his room perspires,  his superiority complex is so acute he  berates him though sweating is natural when they toil in the performance of  their duties. Owing to this the security officers are averse to working where the DG is. 

19. While the Rupavahini Corporation is in such a state of chaos and  confusion while also  rapidly degenerating in  standard , this DG who is a most responsible officer has done nothing to stem the rot.
20. In the Malwana court case against Basil Rajapakse , it is this toffee nosed braggart  who bragged he is the lawyer , and since his ties with the president are so inextricably interwoven ,  nobody can oust him.
21. Owing to this hostile attitude and mad hatter conduct , the creativity and  efficiency of the staff are  going down the drain without being channeled towards the progress of the Institution.

22. DG’s   obnoxious bossy boots traits and mental derangement , have made the Rupavahini Institution  a prison camp for staff ,  fomenting hatred  and terror  while controlling the employees most offensively, as a result the peace and cordiality within  the Institution have totally evaporated. 

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Is the Media Minister such a lame duck that he cannot whisper into his peer`s ears as how disgraceful his appointee is - just show the 22 points as a fitting tribute to State employees under GG?
-- by punchinilame on 2017-10-24

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