Grama Shakthi for whom? For villagers or family of Gamaralalage ? Rs. 35 million for inauguration alone.!

(Lanka-e-News - 25.Oct.2017, 8.45PM)  The ‘Grama Shakthi’ program launched by president Pallewatte Gamaralalage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena on the 20 th  , irrespective of its aim to provide strength to the villages has certainly transformed into  a project that provides  strength to the family of Gamaralalage . It is another hackneyed old story related under a new  name for obvious reasons,  based on reports reaching Lanka e news.

This is not only because a whopping Rs.35 million was spent at the  ‘boru show’ ( bogus ostentation ) inauguration of  this project at the Sugathadasa stadium , but also because the entire inauguration activities and arrangements were entrusted to the advertising Co. ‘Media Gang Pvt Ltd’  of  president’s  daughter Chaturika Sirisena .

If it is something concerning government expenditure , that should be governed by tender procedures , but  for this boru show Tamasha no such legal procedures were followed.  All what happened was , ‘President’s daughter’ of ‘president father’ seized the opportunity to  fill her purse and pockets with this whopping sum of Rs. 35 million –public funds. 

It is well to recall the masses chased away the corrupt and crooked Rajapakses on 2015-01-08 because the Rajapakse family too became billionaires by indulging in such sordid and corrupt activities. It is a pity  the family of Sirisena too  is indulging in the same or worse rackets   shamelessly though  there is of course one difference , the Rajapakses waited for 5 years to embark on these misappropriations , whereas  the Sirisena family had started their rackets a trifle too early , within two years of coming to power.

What’s more ! they have requested a further sum of Rs. 20 million from the finance minister for ‘promotion’ of this ‘Grama Shakthi’ racket.  In addition , a request has been made to allocate a further sum of Rs. 6000 million via the next  budget to perpetuate the fraud.

The outmoded  and discarded “Sirilaka dhe sirisapa dhe’ slogan which has borne no fruit ever and considered irreparable has been repaired like an old Dodge lorry and given a new name. This project is the creation   of presidential coordinating secretary Shiral Lakthileke a brief -less lawyer and notorious NGO racketeer who got thrashed at Matara with Cinnamon clubs not without sound reasons. .  He is one who belongs to the infamous specie of lawyers who have never won a case . What he expresses ,  is not understood by  himself ,  let alone others. How can he know anything about world economics when he is an ignoramus even  in the subject of law despite being a lawyer ?

He is a perfect epitome of an accomplished liar cum brief -less lawyer. The entries  made by him  to cover up the Grama shakthi downright fraud are so deceptive  and false that he contradicts at the end  what he has written at the beginning .This ‘project Thilake’ after saying investors are not coming to SL   claims at the beginning that the ‘Siyarata dhe Sirisepa’ slogan shall be propelled forward , yet   at the end he says , technology , equipment,   expertise and fresh capital  are necessary.

NGO  crook ‘Project Thileke’ has forgotten  with passage of some  time why foreign investors are necessary on that account . ( Read his face book comments in this connection) 

This so called futile project is sans any new economic vision . It is just a Utopian concept like his NGO project which was exploited by him for self fattening and self enrichment unjustly. It is abundantly clear the aim of this  project is not to serve the villagers or strengthen them . In the same way as at the opening ceremony many millions of rupees were siphoned off into the family coffers of Sirisena family , the objective is to create a ‘reject project’ and earn filthy lucre illicitly, whereby ‘Racket project Thileke’  too can make a fast buck like how he earned through the NGO camouflage.  

Under the circumstances it is obvious why Rs. 6000 million is being requested for the next year- it is to line their pockets with at least Rs. 600 million of that sum going  by the squalid antecedence of the  founders  of the project .

There were numerous so called village development projects under various names such as Gam udha, Gami dhiriya, Gramodaya and  Gama Naga in SL which all had one clear  aim – making  a fast buck through them. This project too is one like those or even worse because  the records of the scheming founders are  most putrid , specially when Racket- Thileke the black coated ‘NGO black Kaka’ is involved.  It is noteworthy this so called Grama Shakthi project is diametrically contradictory to the schemes for next year tabled in parliament recently by the P.M. The Grama Shakthi project is in conflict  even conceptually .

Before SL received its independence 70 years ago there wasn’t much of a difference between the villages of England and those of SL. There was one administration.

If only this racket -Thileke who is obsessed with his racket project after having gobbled up his racket NGO earlier on , only visits England and does a research for some months on how the villages  in England were developed during the last 70 years , and how our villages were ruined  after independence , and then writes his project it will do immense good to him , for it will teach him to first become a ‘man of honor’ casting aside his unscrupulous and rapacious traits irrespective of who his accomplices are.  Not enough the damage done to the country through his  NGO rackets and buffoonery , he is now trying to ruin  the villages and villagers via another sordid scheme to the detriment of the entire country.   

It will be best in his own interest if this racketeer ‘project Thileke’ allows the villagers to plan their own projects , in which event he will at least learn to stop writing project rejects from presidential secretariat . Crooked propensities cannot be curbed or cured in a day or two. Some cannot reform even during the whole life time even at the peak of fame and fortune. 

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