What is impeding Maithri from abolishing executive presidency when even Mahinda is for it? Viyangoda (Video)

(Lanka-e-News - 26.Oct.2016, 11.30PM)   When  Mahinda Rajapakse who polled 5.8 million votes at the last presidential election too has consented to the abolition of the executive presidency , what is obstructing president Sirisena from going ahead with it   and what is militating against  ? Gamini Viyangoda asked during a media briefing held recently. 

During the period of the Kings there existed a very primitive society.   It was   only the Sangha society which came within the category of educated social class then , and  only they who had some education to read and  write books .It was   owing to that primitive society  , guidance and advice of the sangha was sought by the Kings , but now we are in  the 21 st century society of knowledgeable engineers , educational  experts, economic specialists, Lawyers, accountants and political experts .

While there is such  a knowledgeable society now , if we are still to say , like in the ancient days of the kings , today too we must rule the country only on  the counsel  and instructions of the Sangha members , it is  a retrograde view .’
Popular writer Gamini Viyangoda made the above comments vis a vis  the new constitution , and the statements made recently by the Sangha council , when he addressed the media discussion held at the CSR Institute , Colombo on the 20 th by the ‘National campaign  for a new constitution’

Video footage hereunder 

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