FR petition filed by victims of Salawa arsenal explosion seeking redress to be heard today

(Lanka-e-News - 30.Oct.2017, 9.45AM)   No country in the world permits its own main arsenal to  explode owing to  its own forces , yet under our commander in chief of staff ,president Maithripala Sirisena the main arsenal of the army located at Salawa was  destroyed under such circumstances.

The residents of Salawa who fell victims to this tragedy lost  their properties following this devastation seeking a just and reasonable solution to their woes jointly filed a fundamental rights petition in the Supreme Court (SC) and this is scheduled  to be heard on the 30 th morning (Monday).

The FR petition was filed by the victims who lost their properties , businesses ,vehicles and goods 16 months ago with a view to secure justifiable redress. 

Under the government of the commander in chief of the forces, president Maithripala  , since  the forces under the government acted uncaringly for the security of the people they  had to face this tragedy ; and because the victims were not provided adequate relief or reasonable redress for the last 16 months by the government , the people had to seek this course of action.
The Human Rights Commission which conducted an inquiry issued an interim report . However as the government did not implement its recommendations, the victims were forced  to seek  SC intervention.
What  most rudely shocked the nation and rocked the country to its foundation was  : While a former commander of the forces ‘ an engineering baas’, the chief who was responsible for the arsenal inferno was given an extension of service for a further year , and also following his retirement appointed as a foreign envoy, Travis Sinniah a most talented Navy Commander the country ever had , on the other hand who had  never been  responsible for such a monumental destruction , and on the contrary  was responsible for the destruction of  ten enemy ships during the ethnic war  in mid ocean was sent on retirement two months after his appointment as Navy chief  ! 

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