Bond Commission lawyer masqueraders have collected millions during Cabraal era ; Commission’s good faith eroded..!

(Lanka-e-News - 31.Oct.2017, 5.55 AM)  The  Bond Commission alias president’s ‘Comic-mission’ is becoming increasingly well and widely known  as an intimate and integral part  of the unscrupulous dastardly political campaign of the pro Maithri  crooked and corrupt groups whose main aim   is to malign and mudsling at the  UNP . Though the Comic- mission has concluded  hearing evidence , it seems the vituperative  mission of the pro Maithri scoundrels aimed at maligning  UNP leaders has not ended.

Following the spurious drama enacted and the perjuries committed by the mendacious lawyers of the Attorney General’s department in relation to the fake death threats posed to Ms. Anika Wijesuriya , the law abiding society has begun to  seriously doubt  and persistently question the ‘good faith’ of these lawyers. This  has led the people  to even probe  the pedigree of these black coated fibbers who are prostituting their official position and demeaning their profession shamelessly.

Based on this probe , information  about  the putrid antecedence of Kodagoda and Livera are pouring into  Lanka e news. 

According to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division , during the period Cabraal was the Central Bank Governor , the legal division of the bank was weakened , and services of some selected  lawyers of the AG’s department were enlisted on huge  fee payments. The duo Kodagoda and Livera  were two such notorious characters so selected to attend to the Central bank legal affairs. Obviously Cabraal another infamous scoundrel  of a governor chose this duo because their own traits  dovetailed with his corrupt and traitorous  designs. This was a duo who collected many millions of rupees as  fees from Cabraal their racketeering  mentor .They  collected many millions of rupees and other perks from Cabraal. 

However with the exit of  Cabraal , several lawyers of the AG’s department have been deprived of those millions and the perks. It is now learnt it is these desperate black coated sharks  who are now performing ‘somersaults and acrobatics’ exploiting   the Bond Commission to the detriment of the entire country , and seeking to pervert the course of justice. There are strong suspicions that Livera and Kodagoda who leave a trail of stench no matter where they are headed   , are Cabraal’s illicit representatives .

These  suspicions were further aggravated when the AG’s department instead of assigning  lawyers of the commercial criminal division for the legal tasks pertaining to the Bond Commission , assigned Livera and Kodagoda who know nothing about commercial criminal laws. 

According  to reliable reports, Livera is known as ‘Happychol’ (laughing stock) in the AG’s department. It is Suhada Gamlath a pro MaRa ‘Jaraa’  still holding on to Mahinda Rajapakse’s corrupt  powers who has assigned these two black coat clowns who are  ignoramuses in commercial criminal law to  this task.
Shouldn’t the president of the Bond Commission first and foremost  institute an investigation into the payments collected from the Central bank and the perks enjoyed by the lawyers of the AG’s department during the  Cabraal era ? 

If these lawyers have enjoyed perks and collected payments from the Central bank  , how can they look after the legal interests dispassionately in the Bond scam involving the Central bank and on what moral grounds can they do that ?
On the contrary ,  if the Central bank affairs pertaining to the perks enjoyed and  payments collected by the lawyers are investigated , and evidence are gathered , how much more  justifiable will that be ?  If that  happens , won’t the impartiality of the Bond Commission  become questionable ? 

Therefore , certainly the people have the right to know about the impartiality , good faith  and transparency of the Commission . 

In the circumstances , we wish to ask the following most pertinent  questions on behalf of the public…

* Have Lawyers including Livera and Kodagoda of AG’s department during the Cabraal era provided services to  the Central bank ,  and who are those in that list  ? 
* How much  payment have these lawyers collected from the Central bank on account of those services?  What are the perks and how much were collected as  payments individually by Livera and Kodagoda ?
* Have Livera and Kodagoda declared the payments they collected to the Inland Revenue department duly ? Have they handed over their assets and liabilities declaration ?
* Why is Cabraal who registered the Perpetual Treasuries Co. with Central bank not summoned before the Commission ?
* Why is  sister of Cabraal who worked for Perpetual Treasuries not summoned before the Commission?

The Bond Commission is bound to demonstrate its good faith to the people by providing answers to these questions . If it doesn’t , it is only proving it is a  damp squib and fast becoming a degenerative Comic-mission  to all intents and purposes  , in case   it has not already become one . 

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