Enough is enough.! Don’t expect feathers of good governance from an overturned Maithripala tortoise ! Identify the faceless, policy less, power crazy creature !

By Wimal Dheerasekera

(Lanka-e-News - 02.Nov.2017, 6.30AM) It is a well and widely known fact it is after garnering views of all  the parties in parliament and  the people’s opinions in pursuance of  a long process ,  an official methodology was evolved after two long years to introduce a new constitution for the country , and the Constitution formulating steering committee tabled an interim report on the new constitution  in parliament. Unbelievably it is while this interim report has been tabled , the president Maithripala is resorting to  dubious and devious   moves to delay it unheeding his promises and pledges .

That is , by claiming  fresh proposals shall be sought  in regard to the interim report of the constitution formulation steering committee , president Maithripala  has announced three conferences shall be convened with the participation of all religions , another with the participation of all parties and the third with representatives of the country’s  intelligentsia. 

The president made this announcement when addressing the National dialogue for co existence and government’s languages ministry’s  national convention held at the Sugathadasa Indoor stadium on 30 th.

It is significant to note the Constitution formulation steering committee forwarded its interim report only after discussions with  all the parties , all religious organizations , all Civil Organizations as well as the people across the country which included the intelligentsia, and securing their opinions. The views of the intelligentsia were also gathered along with those of  the people. 

In the interim report tabled in parliament, all these are clearly mentioned. Therefore talking about holding  conferences of all parties  and all religions to resolve the national issue by Sirisena in the same way as from  the period of Late J.R. Jayawardena is absolute lunacy , absurdity and  folly. It is like putting  into the mud what was  cleansed  , over and over again. 

In the circumstances , it is very evident   president Maithripala is seeking to take the masses for a ride by impeding the introduction of the  new constitution which aims  at abolishing the executive presidency. To bear out this accusation there are cogent and copious evidence . Some of those are hereunder…

Betrayal of a  most despicable and disgraceful  order..

The interim report of the constitution formulation steering Committee was held back  so long because of the delays caused by the SLFP (whose president is none other than  Maithripala Sirisena )   to make  its  proposals ..It was only after a deadline was set that before 30 th August the proposals shall be handed over  , the SLFP submitted  the proposals.

It is a matter for deep regret the SLFP wantonly dilly dallied for 6 long months with such an important national issue.   What was even  more  astonishing and  sinister  :  in those proposals which were inordinately delayed  it was stated the executive presidency shall be retained . It is well to recall the SLFP since 1978 , the time Late J.R Jayawardena introduced the executive presidency, has been vehemently opposing the executive presidency. But strangely the present SLFP proposal is for continuance of the executive presidency .

President Maithripala nevertheless continues to tell every  leader of  Civil Organizations  , those proposals are not his  and  are  of the committee headed by Nimal Siripala appointed by the SLFP . In any case   to those leaders  he says his promise to abolish the executive presidency is still tenable though it is very evident even to the most obtuse those are  clearly double tongued utterances of his to pull the wool over the eyes of those leaders .

We make this justifiable allegation because the SLFP committee forwarded its  proposals to  president Maithripala to take the final decision – that is ,he was given  the opportunity to change  those . Yet what was submitted to the Constitution steering committee was the list of proposals of Nimal  Siripala headed SLFP proposals without changes , meaning that it is no less a person than Maithripala  the president of the country himself and none else who wants  the executive presidency to  be perpetuated.  

This despicable and deplorable turnaround of Maithripala is clearly contradicting his solemn and categorical cardinal   promise made by him on 2015-01-08 to the masses that he would abolish the executive presidency . This sly and  hypocritical  move of the president is tantamount to shamelessly  not only betraying but even scorning the  people on whose votes he came to power.

Needless to say   , all the Civil Organizations and  political parties got together with Sirisena prior to 2015-01-08 to make him  the common presidential candidate based on one and only  one condition – that the executive presidency shall be abolished by him within 100 days of his coming to power. 

All leaders of political parties and civil organizations who agreed and those who even did not concur in it would bear witness to this . Hence , the sole purpose of electing the common candidate as president was with that end in view – abolition of executive presidency. While all the other matters like Independent Commissions came under the purview of the Parliament , the sole and whole task of the president , the common candidate  was to abolish the executive presidency to which he consented , and to ensure its abolition. The other parties to the agreement  had no interest or intention to become presidents through Maithripala  nor did they agree to such a thing.

The rude shock however came , when  the first dubious and diabolic move was made by  Maithripala Sirisena after becoming the president, that is   ‍dodging  the solemnly promised task of abolition of the executive presidency within 100 days. Colluding with the JHU discards, and the crooks who joined the SLFP Maithri group , he gave mischievous twists  to  the meaning of ‘abolition of executive presidency’ , by saying ‘ it is not abolition of executive presidency but abolition of  executive powers.’  While  pointing that out , the clauses pertaining to undertakings given to the people in the manifesto   were also distorted by Mathripala, and through the 19 th amendment he ensured the executive presidency shall be  continued.

By taking cover behind his party and using that as a defense , president  himself is  now proposing that the executive presidency shall be continued without abolishing it thereby brazenly dishonoring his pledges and promises made to the people on 2015-01-08. This  is  most despicable,  disgraceful , traitorous, treacherous and  isn’t this tantamount to duping the people wholesale ?

1. Interestingly ,President  Maithripala was   so guilty of his gross betrayals and double speaks , that  after selecting 11 th October to meet with the representatives of the  48 civil organizations which extended support to him on 2015-01-08  , he finally  cancelled the meeting , obviously because the president knew he will not be able to answer the questions that will be posed by them .

Lackeys and lickspittles of Maithri who are obstructing the new constitution….

2. President Maithripala who has realized the wonderful taste of the corrupt executive power is  aware if the new constitution is introduced , the executive presidency will be abolished undoubtedly  ,   in which event the current illicit amassment of wealth by his son in law and daughter would have to stop . Therefore what he did was made ‘procrastination the thief of time’ his friend and not foe to delay the new constitution  to serve his  selfish interests to the detriment of most  paramount national interests .

After the interim report was tabled in parliament ,his first move was ,  getting  around the Anunayaka Theras, and inducing them to make a statement  ‘a new constitution is unnecessary at this juncture’. Behind this manipulation was none other than the president himself, and it was he who was behind the front page publicity in  that regard  given via the newspapers.  The writer is revealing these based on concrete  evidence . It was the media personnel of the  relevant newspapers covering  the president’s events who gave those instructions. Of course they carry  out whatever orders issued by  the president.

Further evidence testifying to this is , the announcement made by Athureliya Rathane , advisor to the president . Athureliya  said in the second round ,‘ at this moment a new constitution is  not needed’ . It is common knowledge Maithripala and Rathane are inseparable like the corroded bolt and nut .

The only vital question that can be asked from this evil  duo is  ’ if this is not the time  when will it be ?’  ‘ Is it after another war ?’

Bomb attack on parliament …

3. The statement made by Wimal Weerawansa   in the second round that if the constitution is adopted the parliament should be bombed is also most pertinent and ominous. It cannot be forgotten Weerawansa made this statement after his  meeting with  president  Maithri .

Keheliya Rambukwella who was all these days silent without making any controversial statements , following Weerawansa’s   portentous announcement said , ‘not one  , a hundred  bombs must be hurled at the parliament.’

Keheliya helped Maithri on the sly during the last presidential elections to make him president , and raised 50 million rupees which was given  to Maithri.  As a reciprocal gesture  , Maithri took steps to suppress the fraud and corruption charges against  Rambukwella. The FCID and CID officers must be aware which are those cases. Who is behind Keheliya’s sudden loquacity after being silent this long is also no secret.  What is most irksome and worrisome is the president despite being the highest in the hierarchy remaining deaf ,dumb,  blind and heedless to the ominous threats  made by two UPFA members Weerawansa and Rambukwella that the parliament shall be bombed. 

Collusion  with Racist Medagoda 

4. In the midst of all these muddling up and mischief making , Maithripala Sirisena attended the pinkama of an inveterate hardcore racist Medagoda  Abayatissa. The president tried to portray   this was a strategy to control   Abayatissa ,but in fact that  was an absolute unalloyed pretense. Leaders who are anti racial will not  attend conventions along with racists, because racism can be fought and  conquered  . On 2015-01-08 , the masses clearly proved   even the  racists possessing State power, wealth and media backing can be defeated . When that is the stark truth , why should the victors wielding  State power , wealth and media backing today attend the conventions of defeated, deflated and discarded racists ?  This  is obviously a ploy  to obstruct the new constitution and perpetuate the executive presidency using  the racists and to continue  enjoying  the taste of obnoxious and corrupt executive powers. 

All party conferences are a camouflage  

5. The  president making a sudden announcement  as though he had fallen from the sky and speaking  about  conferences of all parties , all religions and the intelligentsia is his latest subterfuge .
The proposals of all religions have been received pertaining to  the new constitution. The proposals of the intelligentsia have also been already received .Not only the all party proposals but even the proposals of the people are also stated in writing in the interim report .  In the circumstances , there is no necessity at all to further procrastinate and waste time. When all the proposals have been submitted to the Constitution formulation steering committee , why hold some more all party conferences ? Surely the president cannot say he is afflicted with   scabies at  a naughty spot  and therefore the  incurable persistent  itch is affecting his mental equilibrium .

It is the consensus what ought to be done now is , debate the subject in parliament and prepare the draft bill with a view to hold a people’s referendum to seek a two third majority . Towards that a powerful publicity program shall be put in place  so  that the people will  be enlightened on it. 

Instead of that by  convening an all party conference based on guiles and guises  , it is not only the parliamentary proceedings  which will be overturned  , but the people are also being  confused whereby  the introduction of the  new constitution is being  decelerated  and further delayed. 

Like how the SAITM issue which could have been resolved by courts , was driven into a pickle by the president holding ad hoc discussions, the new constitution too which can be resolved smoothly and lawfully via the parliament and a referendum  is without any trace of doubt being befouled by  the president by convening all  party conferences which have no official status or common feature . 

The time has arrived to those who are laboring under the delusion that Maithripala Sirisena is the president of good governance government since 2015-01-08, to divest themselves of that foolish self deceiving notion, for by  now it is manifest he is a confirmed rascally rogue who excels in double speaks , double crossing and double deals. He is one who knows  nothing about good and bad , let alone good governance. 

Now that his faceless,  policy less and unscrupulous nature is  crystal clear , the time is now  opportune to take direct measures   to  remove his mask ,and defeat his evil manipulations and sinister aspirations . The pro good governance masses  of the victorious rainbow revolution of 2015 -01-08 must gear up to mete out the same treatment to him and Mahinda Rajapakse whom he portrays  as an evil apparition . This is most imperative because  Maithripala is so unscrupulous and   evil personified that at a  not so distant date , if only he can protect his position and perpetuate his obnoxious power he would join hands even with the worst lethal ,virulent anti national forces to sacrifice the nation and the country  at the altar of his selfish rapacious power greedy aims and devilish ambitions. A cursory glance at his  political antecedence clearly bear testimony to that .

If any politician is to think Maithripala Sirisena  who  had no sense of shame to do a villainous  turnaround and contest elections under the nominations list of  the racist forces  by July 2015  just seven  months after January 8th 2015 ,  will not repeat that after three years , he /she must be a two legged political ass.

Wimal  Dheerasekera

Translated by Jeff 

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Thanks for further revealing what "hopper-eating" leadership are up to, however one can rest assured that Mangala/CBK/RW will not let the people down after all their hard work. MS is wavering due to his cohorts an family having a greedy agenda. Time will tell. A video in his own words the promise he made re Executive Presidency will be a useful revelation.
-- by punchinilame on 2017-11-02

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