Yet another rascally judge exposed by Lanka e news trapped..! Interdicted with immediate effect !

(Lanka-e-News - 02.Nov.2017, 6.30AM)  Confirming Lanka e news never goes wrong in its exposures of crooks and culprits , yet another scoundrel of a judge Mohan Seneviratne who indulged in rackets and corruption was interdicted with immediate effect from 2017-10-31 by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

 Lanka e news as far back as in 2016 , exposed there are judges who are a disgrace to the bench and are corrupting the judiciary. Our  report even identified them by names ,and among them was this culprit high  judge Mohan Seneviratne. Now ,  Lanka e reveals this news to  the law abiding citizens  with utmost delight and absolute pride !

Lanka e news disclosed at that time, in the Baratha Lakshman multiple murder in which four individuals including Baratha Lakshman were murdered ,   Mohan Seneviratne  was  one of the two  judges who wrote the judgment delivered by Shiran Gunaratne based on  latter’s individual ruling putting aside the majority decision .Gunaratne  exonerated all the suspects of the  charges  and acquitted them.
Lanka e news at that time highlighted  that these three rascally judges Shiran Gunaratne , Mohan Seneviratne as well as  Damith Thotawatte who helped them were lackeys and lickspittles of ex chief justice (CJ) Sarath Nanda  Silva , a most infamous unscrupulous CJ in SL’s judicial history to hold that post. These three Sarath Silva stooges who were working in the Attorney General’s department during the tenure of office of notorious Sarath Silva as CJ  , were elevated  suddenly as high court judges , LeN reported  .
In any event interdiction orders were served on rogue judge  Mohan Seneviratne  not based on those  grounds, rather based on a lengthy exhaustive investigation conducted into Mohan Seneviratne ‘s continuous prostitution of official position over a long time while being a judge. 

Mohan who  served as a high court judge in Hambantota , Galle and  Balapitiya has been so venal that he  delivered judgments and granted bail after collecting kickbacks. He has been implicated in a large number of such criminal involvements. While he was at Balapitiya,  jointly with his illicit lover ‘Heleni De Silva’ a lawyer , he has given judgments and granted bail influenced by bribes. When he was transferred to Galle , his mistress “Heleni’ too crept in there , to jointly perpetuate  their rackets without let or hindrance .  Even when he was serving at the Hambantota court , in collusion with an old friend , Faizal Cassim , an old friend of his he has been continuing with his favorite occupation – bribe taking ‘selling’ his honor( if he had any ) and profession . Not enough ! there are also charges against him of attempted sexual abuse on a court stenographer .

Though the complaints supported with evidence against this culprit were received by the JSC long ago , the culprit with the assistance of the mafia that existed within the JSC hitherto suppressed  them  . But now based on media reports ,since the JSC has become independent enough to conduct investigations into the rackets of judges , Mohan Seneviratne who is a  disgrace to  the bench  could no longer remain hidden from the arms of the law. Consequently , he was interdicted with effect from 2017-10-31 .

It is the duty of those responsible to take further action and haul up such rogues and rascals before the Bribery and Corruption Commission to confiscate their assets acquired through bribes and  illicit avenues ,without just stopping with this investigation. It is then and only then the other judges too would be deterred and daunted from indulging in  such  corrupt and crooked activities.
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Decision of ‘Tinkering Baas’ that Duminda is not guilty was written by another judge.! 

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