Will president listen even now on UN day dedicated to us !

(Lanka-e-News -03.Nov.2017, 7.30PM)  It is matter for deep regret though the  media organizations have consistently and persistently urging that a Presidential Commission vested with full powers be established to investigate the crimes committed against the media ,  president Maithripala Sirisena despite loudly and proudly  calling himself as a president of good governance when he came to power,  has paid no heed to the requests and pleas made in that direction since the day he became president  .The louder the cry , the more he turned deaf and blind to the woes. 

Instead of probing into the media victimizations , he has appointed a Rajapakse  informant who claims Portuguese lineage in his blood as an unofficial media secretary against whom strong accusations were  mounted as the one who aided and abetted in the disappearance of journalist Prageeth Ekneliyagoda .

Therefore  the Free Media Movement has once again issued a communique requesting the appointment of a  Presidential Commission vested with full powers to mete out justice to the victims of media persecution in the past  in Sri Lanka until   2nd of November  in line with the pressures exerted by the UN on  United Nations day to root out the impunity with which crimes  are committed against the media in SL. 

The text of  the communique issued by the present conveners , C. Dodawattage  and Dilisha Aeysundara   of the Free Media Movement under their signatures which is completing 25 years of service this year is hereunder …

There had  been reports in SL of heinous crimes committed  including murder of journalists , attempted murders , disappearances, abduction ,  infliction of ruthless torture ,and attacks on media Institutions. Since it is the government which must shoulder the full responsibility if  investigations are not  duly conducted and  justice is not meted out in respect of these crimes  , we hereby request the appointment of a presidential Commission vested with full powers to duly investigate   these crimes which targeted the media, with a view to dispense justice.

Full text as follows:

A presidential commission with a comprehensive mandate is necessary to deliver the justice for crimes against media -Free Media Movement

While regret to emphasize the fact that no justice has been delivered for the deliberate crimes against journalists in Sri Lanka, Free Media Movement urges the President of Sri Lanka to appoint a Presidential Commission of Inquiry with a comprehensive mandate of investigation. FMM has been campaigning for this for the last 25 years, including lobbying at the meeting with government officials and by issuing media statements. However, no justice has been delivered to the deliberate crimes against journalists and media institutions that launched in order to suppress the freedom of expression and right to information. 

Murder, attempted murder, disappearances, abductions and torture of journalists as well as attacks against media institutions have been reported in Sri Lanka. We emphasize that the responsibility lies within the Government of Sri Lanka for the investigation and punishing the perpetrators. 

The United Nations have nominated the 02nd November as the day to end impunity for crimes against journalists, due to this worldwide trend of impunity. Therefore, Free Media Movement urges the President Maithreepala Sirisena to appoint a presidential commission with comprehensive mandate in order to complete the ongoing investigations and to expedite the process of litigation.

C. Dodawatta - Convener
Dileesha Abeysundara - Secretary 

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