Danger alert ! Racketing Ranatunge Bros., create artificial shortage of petrol in country ! Know the conspiracy ……

(Lanka-e-News - 04.Nov.2017, 12.45PM) Ranatunge brothers who are by now a byword for fraudulent  and selfish illicit earnings at the expense of national interests have once again indulged in another anti national subterfuge to the detriment of the country . In order to sell rejected inferior quality petrol somehow , they have indulged in another racket by creating an artificial shortage of petrol in the country , according to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

The modus operandi based on reports is thus … 

It has come to light that 40,000 metric tons of petrol imported by Indian oil Co. , following analytical tests by the Ceylon petroleum storage terminal , Kolonnawa and Lanka petroleum Corporation ,Sapugaskanda refinery analytical tests are of inferior quality . Owing to that , this quantity of petrol that was to be unloaded in  Sri Lanka on October 17 th was rejected. Yet , notorious Arjuna Ranatunge brothers along with a team of high rung officers are moving heaven and earth to get the inferior quality petrol unloaded to the Kolonnawa and Muturajawela tanks .

Therefore, while cunningly divesting themselves of the responsibility for the shortage of petrol, a well planned conspiratorial  attempt is being made to get this inferior quality petrol imported by the Indian oil Co. into the country .Though this quantity of petrol was rejected , since 17 th October until now the vessel ‘Torm Astrid’ with the inferior quality petrol is laying at anchor off the coast  in the vicinity of Colombo , with Ajuna Ranatunge corrupt  team   hatching conspiracies in the meanwhile  to get this inferior quality petrol somehow unloaded into  the Kolonnawa and Muturajawela storage tanks citing false excuses and justifications .
The 40,000 metric tons of petrol that was scheduled to arrive in SL on the 2nd by the vessel ‘Neverska Lady’ has been deliberately delayed without the petrol being loaded  into it .Consequently , its arrival in Colombo from Middle east  getting delayed until 10 th November is inevitable. 

Because of this,  the quantity of petrol now available at the Corporation is sufficient to provide supplies to meet the country’s requirements only for a further 4 days- that is after the 7 th there is going to be an unavoidable petrol shortage in the country  . With this information coming to the open , since  attempts were  being made by all to increase their petrol reserves, a petrol shortage has arisen  from  3rd itself  across the country.  

While this is the dire situation in the country , the conspirators on the other hand are trying to make hay while the sun shines regardless of national interests. That is  ,exploiting this shortage , the inferior quality petrol is being sought to be unloaded into country’s  storage tanks .

It is well to recall  it is while the whole country is aware of the putrid antecedence of the duo -  traitorous racketing Ranatunge brothers who have broken records in scams , Maithripala the so called president of much hyped good governance deemed it fit to appoint this most infamous  racketing Ranatunge duo to the Petroleum Corporation where the opportunities for illicit earnings are very much more . 

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Sir, Why don`t you make it a practice to upload such happenings into www.tellthepresident.lk and keep touch with the Reference and follow up? That will an additional good service to the people.
-- by punchinilame on 2017-11-04

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