Petrol crisis :Ranatunges have demanded extortion payment from TOTAL Co. !

(Lanka-e-News - 08.Nov.2017, 11.00AM)  It is minister Arjuna Ranatunge in charge who should shoulder the entire blame for the scarcity of petrol  in the country though announcements are made by the Ranatunges  there is enough petrol . It is 4 days since the petrol crisis hit the country and no solution had still been found. However,  according to reports reaching Lanka e news inside  information division , this scarcity  has been  wantonly created by racketeering Ranatunge brothers.
The Ranatunges who are a byword for rackets and scams have demanded ‘extortion’ payment from ‘Total’ , a French Co. The petrol was imported by Indian Oil Co. and the vessel carrying the petrol belongs to ‘Total’ a French Co which  dispatched  the petrol . Because Ranatunges were unsuccessful in their ‘extortion’attempt , a fake certificate was issued  that the imported petrol was of inferior quality  ( that there are small residual particles), owing to which the ship load of petrol sans any flaw had been rejected. 

It is worthy of note ‘Total’ is  a most  famous Co. unlike the infamous Ranatunges,  with colossal resources so much so , its annual income  is four fold   more than the total   annual revenue of Sri Lanka . Hence it is not a Co. which transacts business in the way corrupt rascally Ranatunges carry on their illicit  businesses under the counter.

However the ‘Total ship’ with the oil is still anchored off the sea of Tangalle because the Petroleum Corporation has not  issued that fake certificate officially .Woe betide ! If by any chance a fake certificate is issued that will be courting  total disaster to the Petroleum Corporation.

Though the petrol supplied by Total Co. to IOC  was rejected , according to the IOC , there is no reason for a scarcity to arise since the fuel users depending on the IOC supplies in the country is as small as only 16 %. Yet what the racketeering Ranatunges have done is  creating  an artificial shortage of petrol by deliberately delaying the loading  of the cargo to the ‘Neverska Lady’   at that end in respect of their import.
Lanka e news taking full responsibility  wishes to reveal that if an independent impartial investigation  is conducted into this massive organized racket , those who provided information to us are ready to come forward to give evidence .

Being the culprits themselves who plunged the country into gloom and doom , Ranatunges have no solution to offer except contradictory explanations.  Initially they said ,because their ship load of  petrol was given to the IOC , the scarcity arose. Even if that is assumed as true , because that petrol so given is circulating within SL there cannot be a dearth of petrol .
In other words the Ranatunges have lied blatantly and brazenly  in keeping with their overriding incurable mendacious habits. In fact such  an exchange  has not taken place.
Again Ranatunges said , on the 6 th , a ship load of petrol is arriving soon, which is also an absolute lie. Lanka  e   news  already reported with evidence the Neverska Lady ship will arrive only on the  9 th at 12. 30 a.m. (dawn) .Accordingly, the country’s petrol supplies across the country will return to normalcy  at around 4.00 or 5.00 p.m. on the 11 th. 

In the circumstances , Arjuna the minister and his brother the chairman of the CPC are fully accountable and responsible for the dire situation in the country   because they are the sole and whole architects of this grave petrol crisis  which is  a sequel  to  their cold calculated  rackets.

Much worse , owing to their venal aims and anti national agendas , the lop sided decisions taken by them have also aggravated the situation to the detriment of the country. While the queues for petrol are lengthening , they introduced laws that petrol shall not be pumped into bottles and cans. Ranatunges are so crazy and only obsessed with the  filthy lucre which  go to line their pockets , they haven’t the capacity to think  what a vehicle driver or  owner will do if his vehicle gets struck without petrol ? 

Meanwhile  , the Railway drivers union that  strikes at least once a month too has threatened to stage a 2 day strike .  In SL fishing in troubled waters by bankrupt unions is very common. Needless to say,  the leaders of this Railway union are lackeys and lickspittles of defeated, discarded politically bankrupt Rajapakses.

Corrupt and slimy  Ranatunges (both Arjuna and Dhammika)  have already displayed their true hypocritical colors when they instigated the Port employees to stage demonstrations against the  Hambantota harbor. While pretending they are with the government they have always on the sly supported the Rajapakses who are equally corrupt . This is natural because buddies of the same feather rob together and are always together.

In as much as  it is well and widely known going by their putrid antecedence ,the Ranatunges will even sacrifice the country , people and national interests at the altar of filthy lucre and selfish gains , it is an unassailable truth they are not suitable to hold high posts and responsible positions. Hence if the government is to safeguard its own reputation and steer  the country towards successful goals in the best interests of the country , the first and best step it should take is oust both these confirmed scoundrels from their positions. Otherwise , the prime minister’s loud announcements that SL shall be the economic hub of the Indian ocean will only remain forever  as a pipe dream .

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