Lanka e news report reaps dividends ! President ‘s recommendation to appoint a corrupt judge to SC spat on by CC !

(Lanka-e-News - 12.Nov.2017, 6.45AM)  M.M.A. Gaffoor a most corrupt judge appointed during the equally corrupt Rajapakse era and now in the fourth position among appeal court judges who was recommended by president Sirisena to the Constitutional Council (CC) to be appointed as a Supreme Court (SC ) judge, fortunately was spat on  and rejected by the CC , based on reports reaching Lanka e news. 

Lanka e news which exposes frankly , fearlessly and forthrightly any move of the higher ups and even the highest in the hierarchy which is detrimental to the country,   on the 11 th published a news report against this impending appointment highlighting in detail the villainous moves to appoint a corrupt judge  . The Ravaya newspaper is also revealing this incident  today .

The CC which met had duly rejected the recommendation of the president in toto. The pro good governance masses and Sri Lankans who respect the sacrosanct rule of law and justice salute this action of the CC and its gentlemen (members) that crushed  the efforts made by  president Sirisena to appoint another corrupt judge.  

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