Three suspects including Gamini Senarath chief of staff in charge of finance of ex president MR remanded !

(Lanka-e-News -15.Nov.2017, 9.45AM) Three  suspects including Gamini Senarath the chief of staff of  ex president Mahinda Rajapakse  were remanded until the 15 th on the orders issued on the 13 th by  Fort magistrate Ms. Lanka Jayaratne .

They were remanded in connection with the illegal siphoning off of Rs. 4 billion state funds of the sum of Rs. 18.5 billion allocated in 2012 with cabinet approval  for the construction project  relating to Kollupitiya Grand Hyatt Regency hotel which was being constructed under a company affiliated to Sri Lanka Insurance  Co.  The suspects were involved in the illegal channeling  of Rs. 4 billion  towards   the Hambantota Grand Hyatt Regency hotel project .

The three suspects remanded were : ex president Mahinda Rajapakse’s chief of staff Gamini Sedara Senarath , Piyadasa Kudabalage and Neil  Hapuhinda.
When the three suspects surrendered to court through a team of lawyers  including Ali Sabry P.C., Anil Silva , and Kalinga Indratissa, the magistrate gave this  order to remand. The magistrate also instructed the suspects to make their  statements  to the OIC -4 of the FCID (Financial Crimes Investigation Division ) of the police .

The lawyers for the accused explained verbally to court at length  that their clients have not cheated even a rupee , and therefore to grant bail. The magistrate however rejecting the  plea  instructed  to make the  request in writing at a future date. 

On the 6 th when the case was called up , though a request was made to the court through a lawyer not to issue an order to arrest  Gamini Sedara Senarath , as he  is ready to surrender to court on the 9 th , and on that day he is prepared to appear in court and make a statement , the magistrate did not grant permission .

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Hohoho! Another Santa Claus gundu in time for the jolly Christmas season.Only naive kids who enjoy the Muppet Show will believe that these culprits will get yaha punishments while wellversed adults know that the maximum rap will be some short time spent in a prison hospital followed by bail. Hohoho. Santa Claus is coming to the land of Yahapaalanya. Do any enews readers have any other wishes as presents for the masses? Three hohohos for such wishy washy wishes!
-- by Rohan Kalpage on 2017-11-21

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