Ban on LeN is by an ‘unidentified individual’ says Cabinet spokesman Dayasiri based on his (il)legal knowledge (video)

(Lanka-e-News- 18.Nov.2017, 12.25AM)  Sri Lanka which has become ‘Sirisenapooruwa’ is a most strange country ! Believe it or not! Even the cabinet spokesman does not know how the accessibility of the Lanka e news website had been obstructed within SL 

When the journalists questioned cabinet spokesman minister Dayasiri Jayasekera at a cabinet media briefing lastday , he said  he read that  in another news website. First he said , LeN is not banned. Then he said , he does not know who imposed the ban . Dayasiri who is a lawyer then went on to utter a profusion of lies confirming  that there is rhyme and reason to call  him a damn lawyer cum liar. He went on  blabbering instead of explaining that Lanka e news is not civilized;  President was criticized; and Lanka e news did not report on the Bond issue .
It is only now we know a ban can be imposed on a news media because it did not report on a subject. That is based of course only on the (il)legal knowledge of so called lawyer Dayasiri.

 This is now a  country where  savagery and criminality of the rulers co exist with the docility and gullibility of the innocent people.

The video footage of the mendacious utterances   made most irresponsibly and  uncaringly based on the (il)legal knowledge of  Dayasiri pertaining to the ban imposed by an ‘unidentified individual’ is hereunder 

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