Sujeewa to be remanded on a frame-up for criticizing president ; P.M. on Maithri – Mahinda dubious alliance !

(Lanka-e-News - 28.Nov.2017, 5.45PM)  Following criticisms leveled against the incumbent  president by UNP deputy minister Sujeewa Senasinghe at a media briefing convened by the latter  , the faction with the president had hatched a conspiracy to remand Sujeewa on a frame up , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

The conspiratorial plan is to accuse Sujeewa Senasinghe of implication in the preparation of  a fake  deed , and entrap him on charges of forgery .
To achieve this dastardly  end ,Asela Kumara a quondam   friend of Sujeewa but now an enemy  had been enlisted . 

The second row UNP ers who participated in television debates and shouted hoarse until their throats ran dry to propel and put Maithripala Sirisena  on the pedestal of president  , are now sadly pushed to an awkward position  to repudiate  the same president’s phone call exchange mudslinging. Among them Sujeewa Senasinghe was in the frontline as the minister making justifiable  criticisms against the president .

The president who was provoked  nevertheless  threatened, ‘ by criticizing  me , you are going to  cry after tearing the paper and hurling those on yourself. ’ It is apparent , through fake documents and by filing bogus charges,  Senasinghe is going to be made to ‘cry’ borrowing president’s own word. President’s parasites and hangers on who are in plenty clustered around the president  , and   hatching  conspiracies while adding fuel to the fire have of course exploited the situation to brag ‘ until Sujeewa is put  behind bars and his black coat is removed , Sirisena will not look back .’
It is well to recall Lanka e news reported just yesterday that there is a conspiracy to arrest UNP leaders. 

Meanwhile, when the UNP parliamentary group met on the 27 th  at 4.00 p.m. , the Prime Minister (P.M) approved of the retaliatory remarks of Sujeewa Senasinghe . He  pointed out  Sujeewa had reasonable grounds  to give answers to the president , while adding  those  comments were made within   Sri Kotha , and had not used any other venue to do that . 

The P.M. however resented black bands being worn   by some UNP backbenchers including Kavinda Jayawardena. The P.M.told them , in the future when such actions are to be taken , the permission of the party shall be obtained. 

P.M. also  expressed his views at the group meeting In regard to the Maithri faction  demeaning itself and going on bended knees to join with the Rajapakse group . Minister Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka who articulated his opinion  first , said  as a democratic party the SLFP has a right to enter into an agreement with any group.

The P.M. counter  explained , while the SLFP Maithri group has signed an agreement to concur in  the consensual government ‘s good governance policies and programs , it would be an issue if it is to enter into an alliance with Rajapakses whose policies and programs are diametrically opposite .Of course if the Rajapakse group comes after accepting  the good governance policies , it will be alright , whereas if they don’t , the Maithri group’s moves will be an issue, P.M. pinpointed.

In any event , under the circumstances , the Maithri group  is in a thicket of difficulties as they are  stymied in their attempt  to join with the Rajapakses , and the current situation is favorable to the UNP ,the  P.M. highlighted.  No matter what, the local government elections will definitely be held in January 2019 , and all have to work with commitment to ensure the victory of the UNP , the P.M.  exhorted.  

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