Russia issues first day cover with Dambulla Vihara printed on stamp on the day it banned SL tea - SL buffoons boycott occasion !

(Lanka-e-News - 22.Dec.2017, 11.30PM) Russia imposed the ban on purchase of Sri Lanka tea on the 18 th of December , and on that same day a first day cover and a stamp were issued in Russia to mark the completion of 60 years of diplomatic relationship between SL and Russia. The stamp carried the picture of Dambulla vihara and the stamp was priced at 35 rubles. An official function was held at 11.00 a.m on that day , but neither our Ambassador in Russia, Saman Weerasinghe nor any other staff member of our Embassy participated in the event , and they have boycotted it. Until today the Russian government had not even been thanked.  Unbelievably ,  the SL media  ministry too has not even released a press communique  that such a stamp with Dambulla Vihara was issued in Russia .
The most intriguing and reprehensible part of this villainy and neglectful attitude  is , the chairman of the Selacine Institution Shantha Bandara who is engaged in the propaganda  activities of every SL government Institution like  Ruwan Ferdinands, the media secretary of media and finance minister Mangala Samaraweera , who were  on a tour of Russia during that period along with Saman the SL ambassador to Russia have been deaf , dumb and blind to this historic event associated with SL  . It is a pity  while ignoring the launching of the stamp and neglecting  their duties they have been drinking Vodka and enjoying  the flesh of body peddlers .

If SL has boycotted its own  stamp because of the tea ban imposed by Russia , it I certain SL will not be able to maintain any diplomatic relationship with the country nor do anything via that country. Those who are responsible for this diabolic and reckless conduct must provide answers to the people of SL. If they cannot they must resign from their posts before they are booted out.  

The photo of the  historic stamp with the picture of Dambulla Vihara issued by Russia is herein.
 ( Lanka e news thanks those who forwarded this   photograph) .

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