Sri Lankan Air prefers ‘white skin’ foreigners to ‘tan skin’ nationals – Rs. 1 billion compensation claimed therefore !

(Lanka-e-News - 26.Dec.2017, 9.25PM)  The plane belonging to Sri Lankan Air which left for Abu Dhabi last Friday (22) afternoon was forced to land in Muscat , Oman due to inclement weather conditions. However the passengers over hundred who were  in the flight had been most insolently and degradingly treated like animals after they landed there. 

Owing to this disgraceful and insolent treatment , the passengers who fell victims are filing a case  claim compensation in a sum of Rs. 1000 million  of rupees from (Sri Lanka ) Sri Lankan Air , based on reports reaching Lanka e news. 

This plane UL 207 belonging to Sri Lankan Air left Katunayake Airport for Abu Dhabi at 6.40 p.m. last Friday (22)  , and was to land in Dubai on the same day at 10.00 in the night . The pilot Janaka Perera has informed the passengers because of fog at Dubai Airport the plane cannot touch down there.  Thereafter for two hours they were not informed what was happening and the passengers were in the dark  , while the plane was somersaulting in the  air .  There were at that time 188 passengers (  12 Business class and 176 ordinary class) in the flight. About two hours later  they were notified the plane was landing at nearby Al Ail airport situated in a  camp of the forces .

Though the plane landed safely at the airport , because it was  in a camp of the forces , the passengers were not allowed to disembark. All the 188 passengers had to remain within the plane for four and half hours , as a result all the food and drinks within were finished because food and beverage just sufficient to cover the particular  flight are only carried in the plane, and that time of the flight was long over. Ms. Sherin Perera has been on duty as Crew manager.

Subsequently , the pilot has announced the plane was leaving for Muscat airport , Oman , and the plane had landed at Muscat Airport on Saturday at dawn at 3.00. The 188 passengers were stationed at the Immigration and Emigration division in a small room , without hotel facilities. 

Unbelievably , the passengers not only experienced difficulties to obtain meals and beverages but in that small room  there was only one lavatory  for the entire crowd. However ,the passengers have come to know the ‘white skin nationals’ about 50  among the passengers had been taken  and provided all the comforts  in ‘Holiday Inn’ hotel outside the airport .

Thereafter the Sri Lankan flight officers in Muscat have been telling blatant lies regarding the time that will be taken to fly  to Abu Dhabi or Dubai where facilities are available. Officers Choolanga and Hasaranga have not only been lying profusely but even neglected the passengers . After leaving them in the lurch they have returned after 2– 3 hours.  They have even not supplied a bottle of water . Because the passengers did not have transit visa to Muscat , they were not allowed to disembark and visit a restaurant in the Airport.
To the passengers who boarded the plane in the early hours of the morning at 3.00 , two sandwich slices and a bottle of water were supplied to each  passenger only the following day at 11.00 a.m.

While lying all the time that another plane will be arranged within  2 hours the desperate passengers about 138 were kept waiting until 10.00 in the night trapped in that small room. They had only a few  settees to sit down. Many passengers were forced to  sleep on the floor. However  about 50 white skinned nationals were taken out of the airport and given luxury hotel comforts It were the remaining 138 passengers  among whom were Indians and Pakistanis who were tormented and tortured. It was only  at about 7.00 in the night they were served lunch and a bottle of water were given to each passenger.

It was after 17 hours delay they were finally flown to Abu Dhabi by a plane at about 10.00 p.m. The time taken from Muscat to Abu Dhabi was 35 mins.

The Sri Lankan Air must therefore hold itself fully responsible and answerable for the trauma experienced by the passengers for 24 hours  for a flight lasting only 35 mins. 

While giving preferential treatment to about  50 white skinned nationals – providing them with all the comforts in a luxurious hotel ,the other passengers being treated most contemptuously like beasts  and cattle  because they are not white skinned including Sri Lankans of their own country is most  reprehensible and  repugnant , the 138 passengers who were subjected to most severe harassment and embarrassment bemoaned. 

What’s more ! our mendacious Sri Lankan Air officers had displayed their true abominable colors by deliberately uttering all the falsehoods to the relatives and friends who were awaiting the arrival of the passengers  at the Airport . The officers  had purposely avoided giving accurate information. 

A case is to be filed claiming compensation of Rs. 1000 million (one billion) from the Sri Lankan Air for its gross indifference , ineptitude and inefficiency  .

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Two bit arabs disriminate against the non whites and they should be urged to pay compensation to every passanhger or stop using those airports and stop sending poor ctizens to work there as domestics and unskilled labour,just to earn the money for our courrupt politicans
-- by Nimal on 2017-12-26

This is the naked truth about this planet. Darkies never like other other darkies.
-- by Rohan on 2017-12-27

I am a frequent air traveler. I have often observed the double standard treatments given to the dark-skinned and white skinned by Srilanka Airlines. It is sometimes even abhorrent to watch. I think the authorities should make an independent inquiry into this. But unfortunately, there is no proper authority in SriLanka.
-- by Malcolm on 2017-12-27

Its not an issue with Sri Lankan Airlines - try to understand. These are rules in the Middle East. Europeans have visa on arrival free of charge so they can go out and get best treatment , where as Asians who don't get that privilege have to sweat it out. Beggars can't be choosers. The reason why we are eternally beggars is because our own politicians treat us as uneducated beggars and loot the country. So the correction process should start at home.
-- by Sarath Wijemuni on 2017-12-27

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