S.B. ‘s new Palace is so huge that a Bhikkhu who attended pirith ceremony loses his way !

(Lanka-e-News- 28.Dec.2017, 8.15AM)  Some weeks ago , minister S.B. Dissanayake who spent  Rs. 115 million ! to construct a huge palace held a pirith pinkama ceremony following its completion. Unbelievably  in a country where public funds going  missing is most common , a most uncommon  incident took place ! One of the monks who attended the ceremony went missing according to reports reaching Lanka e news.
Minister Dissanayake had built this palace of his on a large  land about 4 acres in extent in the vicinity of Thalathu oya Marssana road , at Kapuliyedda . To mark the opening of the palace a pirith ceremony was held some weeks ago.
One of the bhikkhus who attended the ceremony had an urgent need to rush to the lavatory  and one of the householders  had accompanied the bhikkhu to the newly built wash room cum  lavatory.
When the monk emerged  from the washroom cum lavatory after attending to his need  , the  consort who accompanied him had gone missing. Consequently , the monk who  tried to go back to the venue solo where the pirith ceremony was being held had to face a traumatic experience . This monk had lost his way  because Dissanayake’s Kapuliyedda palace is so monumentally large –Mind you ! a colossal  expenditure of Rs. 115 million had been incurred to build that, and the money spent for the land is about  Rs. 20 million !
This massive palace of Dissanayake  is not in the google map  prepared in 2015 , meaning that  the Kapuliyedda  palace was built after Dissanayake secured the ministerial portfolio under  the good governance government which came into power subsequently .

Meanwhile Lanka e news had occasion to reveal details earlier on of  the 100 acres land situated in Red Rock area belonging to S.B. The latter had started a coconut cultivation on that land , and according to reports reaching Lanka e news, during the drought season , the minister had been using the vehicles belonging to  Samurdhi  to transport water to his  land .

The clearing of part of the forest land on  100 acres had been halted because a hotel is to be constructed for S.B.’s youngest son, sources close to the minister  divulged. 

Minister S.B. Dissanayake  who  has no additional income from business or any other ,otherwise than his ministerial emoluments must reveal to the people how he accumulated so much wealth ?  As a representative of the people , it is incumbent on him to  reveal the truth behind this.   At least he can teach the other Sri Lankans too how to become wealthy using his method (provided he has earned legitimately) so the whole country too can become prosperous.

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Truly shameful how politicians have this kind of wealth and are trying to fool us with a religious con.
-- by Nimal on 2017-12-28

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