Bond Commission report today – a damp squib !

(Lanka-e-News -30.Dec.2017, 11.00PM) The photographed report of the Treasury  bond of the presidential commission is to be handed over today openly to the president , based on reports reaching Lanka e news. Though this report was ready by the 7 th , it was held back until today (as reported by Lanka e news earlier on) to capitalize on  it by the president in the run up to  the forthcoming local body elections .

According to information reaching Lanka e news , this report is not worth the time , energy and public funds wasted on it - not worth the Thovila that was danced by the devils and the drums that were beaten to drum up the issue. 

It has come to light there hadn’t been such a large loss to the government owing to this bond issue. There is nothing to indicate the Prime minister or the finance minister has committed any wrong.

The Commission has only expressed its ‘ concern’ regarding the finance minister taking a house on rent from the accused. It has also  not concluded that  Arjun Mahendran and Aloysius robbed public funds . However , because they have acted in a manner that could create conflict of interests , they may be liable to a fine.

It is significant to note even in the COPE Committee report pertaining to the Bond issue  did not state  the transactions engendered loss to the government or was tainted with fraud .

In the event  the president reveals the report after it is handed over to him , the true picture can be known. On the other hand , if the president seeks to hold back that report to capitalize on  it at  the forthcoming elections to serve his selfish ends while leveling criticisms  , that cannot be permitted because such  moves are  most reprehensible  , repugnant and not in the best national interests . Hence it  is hoped the president as the highest in the hierarchy would realize this national  necessity much more than all others.

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So it could be assumed that the Attorney Gen. will not find enough evidence to make Legal charges and his decision being final, the chapter will be closed - Law and Order prevailed under GG!!
-- by punchinilame on 2018-01-01

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