‘Non- writers murdering the writers’ - Sri Lanka Guardian editorial on LeN ban tears those responsible into bits !

(Lanka-e-News- 02.Jan.2018, 9.25AM) President Maithripala Sirisena now turned executioner of media websites met with a group of website journalists on the 29 th of December 2017. The aim and objective of the meeting was to create a new breed of web journalists who are  his henchmen and lickspittles ,after justifying his action taken to ban  Lanka e news thereby  kicking out unceremoniously and unlawfully the right to information of the people despite the fact that Lanka e news is a most  popular website which is  read by more than 2 million viewers within Sri Lanka .

This meeting was organized by Ferdinands  the unofficial secretary of the media ministry and his group of stooges.  Prior to the meeting the coordinating secretary to the president Shiral Lakthileke the NGO crook cum brief-less lawyer issued instructions to the participants that nothing should be spoken about Lanka e news and the participants abided by the instructions like zombies and dummies.

However there are  a number of reputed  websites that bitterly resented this deplorable attitude . Among those was the SL Guardian news website which in its editorial raised the  issue of the controversial ban on Lanka e news . The editorial of Sri Lanka Guardian editor Nilantha Ilangamuwa under the caption ‘Lanka e news ban -Non writers murder writers’ is  hereunder …:

Lanka e news ban – Non writers murdering  writers. In addition, they drink sherbet while standing on those  dead bodies …..

Lanka e news website has been banned .Except the Lanka e news  website which is carrying on an  unstoppable struggle against the ban , apparently the response of the other websites to this ban is deplorably timid  . When trying to understand this timidity  ,it is evident the primary cause of this is , following the exacerbation of  some internal conflict, after acutely politicizing the issue ,the political powers have been most intensely utilized.

The  editor stands by the media profession via his Lanka e news reports. This is most praiseworthy as there hasn’t  been an use of  the cyber space for only financial gains on the sly ,or  resorting  to scurrilous publications. His is a rare laudable  characteristic. 

It is an unequivocal fact that Lanka e news website has always contributed immensely when whipping up  public opinion , and is still doing that. During the decades of its unending struggle , it is visible there has been intense privatization. Similarly, it is visible the individuals who left the website are expressing views against it. Nevertheless  it is clear amidst all those odds and obstacles, the editor is committed to carrying on the website unrelentingly and standing by the ideas he articulates through it.

When the mass media sphere  is considered vis a vis the other sectors in the country , it is a most complex and distorted  sphere. Within the so called modern media sphere that has surfaced in the country , there are those who survive on plagiarism by publishing articles of others; there  is no innovative or investigative quality in that. This is an unfortunate scenario in the country.

In order to amplify on the fundamental cause , let us explain as follows :

When looking at most people whom we meet  daily ,an attempt can be made to understand the fundamental cause.

Through the people whom we come into contact daily , an attempt can be made to understand the fundamental cause. By watching the activities of a professional  skilled personnel on the sly, an individual who had not even dreamt of developing his  professional skill ( a vagabond ) thinks he can also perform equally like the one engaged in the skilled profession and  blabbers enthusiastically though   emptily .He  parades  as though he  knows everything  while deceiving  others. Thereafter he commits plunder on them somehow. Towards this he employs various methods. After resorting to all those evils , he tramples or chases away a skilled professional , and brings to the frontline of his fake drama a clever masquerader to play the role of which he is the director  to accomplish his objectives. Having successfully reached his goal , he fastens the liabilities of  his villainies on others to save his skin  , oblivious of  national interests even if the country is led into a holocaust . When looking back on the past several decades, it is these machinations and manipulations which led the society to utter devastation. 

Robberies take place , but there are no robbers ; Rapes are committed and the victims are there , but no rapists; sins are committed but no sinners. 

When considering the media amidst this society’s  degeneration ,what had  happened was  : Non writers not only murdered the writers, but they even stood on the dead bodies of the murdered and drank sherbet.
In the  backdrop of what is aforementioned , though  many have complained against Lanka e news as regards the manner in which the media  language has been used , its  editor Sandaruwan Senadheera has accepted the responsibility in respect of the language used. If he  is holding himself responsible for his creations , and standing by it , such statements must be treated as important and representing  his strong standpoint .

The stance taken by Lanka e news pertaining to politics is well known to all.  Challenges notwithstanding ,the editor expressed / expresses his views in concord and consonance with his political vision. If anybody is saying those did not make an impact among society , that is a hypocritical utterance , no more no less. 

It is a strange quirk of cruel fate that those whom you  steer forward is the one who hits you  below your belt  . That is most hurting. But that is the eternal truth in the political world. Through that practical experience and understanding gained amidst  the ‘knock out’ punch , lifting  oneself up  is imperative.

A great fear has been created regarding Lanka e news in the country .That is, it is prone to  extortions ; after publishing a report  when it doesn’t  get paid , it indulges in extortions ; and its agents  line their pockets with  millions of rupees and as far as possible ‘sell’ the name of the editor  within the country . By mounting such  grave charges against the website , inordinate  fear has been instilled in the minds regarding the website. These are accusations mainly faced by news websites that are operating from a foreign base. 

It is most paramount this is systematically resolved  because the pressures that can be brought to bear by media Institutions  like  Lanka e news on future politics is tremendous. 

It does not take  much time for the soiled  hand that gropes the private part to sever  that part . SL’s political history had been that 

An individual who deserves  no respect forces another to accept that  he is respectable ; an individual without honor forces another to accept him as honorable .Owing to this , the members of the society of this country have  transformed into masqueraders hiding away from the true world, because of the treacheries committed exploiting power . Sadly , we are also without any sense of shame worshipping them for our own survival .

There is a prime  fact that should be made known: One’s freedom can be safeguarded only to the extent one commits oneself to safeguard that of the neighbor.  The ban imposed on Lanka e  news is  the primary challenge before those who are committed to protect mass media freedom , and the country.

It is the prime and paramount responsibility to cast aside the antagonism stemming from warped  mentality and / or political differences  , and come forward to extricate the friend and ally  from the injustice and oppression  he is facing.
At this juncture the primary popular novel, 'The First Teacher' that is taught as a lesson in life by a good teacher is most relevant…

‘I do not know whether I have the strength to display the human emotions and expectations which are subject to diverse fates linked with  the difficult lives full of struggles? Do I have the strength to pool together all these and display  it?   It is not my desire to only impart my ideas , rather it  is to make you join with me and become a part of the innovative art’ ( The First Teacher -Chinghiz Aitmatov)

If the writers are to rally together against the non writers who murder the writers , they must make a concerted effort and organize themselves to ensure and safeguard  their professional freedom,  rights and skills. 

Becoming a writer of dignity and skill  is not easy.  It is rarely such writers spring up among us. It is the duty of the society as a whole to save and safeguard such a writer  when he is  alive rather than wait until he is dead to  idly  gossip and talk  about him .
We hereby record our bitter opposition to the ban imposed on Lanka e news 

Nilantha Ilangamuwa – Editor, SL Guardian 

Translated by Jeff

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