AG strips nude before president’s greed for an extra year in office; Sirisena’s drama with only knickers on..!

(Lanka-e-News - 13.Jan.2018, 4.55PM)   The inquiry made by president Sirisena whether he can continue as president for six years , was heard by a panel of five judges of the Supreme Court (SC) 11th. It is to be noted  it is this same president who reduced the term of his office by a year earlier who is now seeking to grab back that one year period unscrupulously  to increase his term to 6 years again based  on villainous objectives  best known to him.  It is ironical the Attorney General (AG) who was accused by cabinet spokesman yesterday that he proffered wrong advice to the president was the one who was 11th addressing the SC and misleading the latter by claiming that the 19 th amendment does not govern the president , and he can be the president for 6 years.

If the contention of this clown of an  AG is tenable , president Sirisena can   appoint ministers without the consent of the P.M.; ministries can be taken over at his whim and fancy ; after two years dissolve parliament and so forth meaning that he can do anything without abiding by the 19th amendment.  Moreover he will be able to continue for many terms without limit as president in much the same way  as deposed corrupt Mahinda Rajapakse , while also contesting many presidential elections.

The AG 10th by advising the president that the Bond Commission report need not be made available to the parliament only demonstrated he acted to conform to  the needs of the president  , on 11th ,it is the same AG who confirmed beyond doubt he is a despicable henchman of the president.

Section 49 of the 19th amendent specially  stipulates , ‘to dispel doubts’,  while section 49 (b) states , the persons holding office respectively, as the President and Prime Minister on the day preceding April 22, 2015 shall continue to hold such office after such date, subject to the provisions of the Constitution as amended by this Act (19th Amendment). 

And when section 3 of the Act further states very clearly the president of the Republic shall be elected by the people and shall hold office for five years , still the mendacious AG had no qualms when he  told in court the 19th amendment does not state unambiguously that the president can hold office for five years only. 

It is unfortunate the AG despite holding such an exalted position in the legal sphere had to   utter this damn lie thereby degrading himself before the public and disgracing the legal profession. Hence it will be  of immense worth in the best interests of the nation to subject him to an examination by a psychiatrist .

A number of organizations have come forward that vehemently insist  that the president can hold office for 5 years only . Strangely  , nobody from the UNP side had come forward on this account. 

The five judge panel of the SC comprised the CJ ( the head of the panel) , Eva Wanasundara , Buwaneka Aluvihara , K.T. Chitrasiri (reported by LeN already)  and Sisira De Abrew .They have conveyed their decision in writing to the president and until  12 th noon  objections , if any could be raised. 

Conspiracy – its length , breadth and depth …

Based on the views of  political analysts , the president is harping on this obnoxious ‘ game’ with ulterior motives. That is , in the event of  the Maithri group and the Rajapakse group together poll more percentage of votes at the upcoming elections  than the UNP , it is the aim of president to betray the UNP , use his executive presidency powers , and take over the government into the hands of the SLFP and Flower Bud brigand.

It is with this ulterior motive , the president while pretending that he is an infant and ignoramus is seeking an order from the SC to obtain a decision  in his favor regarding the term of presidency only. Right now , under the prevailing laws , Sirisena is not empowered  to take over ministries , appoint ministers according to his whims ,  dissolve the government if necessary or go for elections. Therefore without exposing these handicaps he had sought an answer from the SC only on the presidential term so that  he can use that as a precedent.

If the decision of the court is , the president is not governed by the 19 th amendment ,Sirisana’s  villainous aims and anti national  agendas can automatically be achieved thereafter  . That is, he can  appoint SC judges, take over ministries ,convert the independent Commissions into his own Commission replete with his henchmen , and appoint not only ministers but even  a P.M. whom he fancies.  In addition , he can even dissolve parliament ,and the SLFP can jointly with the Flower Bud go for elections . In short he can become  a devil incarnate and an apparition of discarded dictatorial corrupt Rajapakse. 

Even when Sirisena is  being chased away by all the people from all sides and being attacked  , still if Ranil Wickremesinghe  without having faith in the masses who are steadfastly with him , is to continue in the consensual fold and dance with aunties , sooner or later people can witness a repetition of the drama of 2002 when  he was unconscionably and ungratefully  stabbed in the back on  stage .

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