SC decision conveyed to Sirisena unofficially ! accepts defeat – reacts like the fox in sour grapes story !

By Wimal Dheerasekera

(Lanka-e-News -15.Jan.2018, 10.00AM)  President Sirisena who makes grandiose announcements that he is prepared to step down from his post even  today without waiting for tomorrow , irrespective of the decision of the Supreme court (SC) , and that he would accept whatever decision delivered by the SC ,made another  statement some days later. 

If another Polonnaruwa village folk questions president Sirisena , ‘after saying you are prepared to step down from the post today itself , even without waiting for tomorrow , then why on earth are you seeking court intervention to stay in office for another year ?’  Is Sirisena going to say ,aney it is because I have gone crazy  because of my inordinate power greed? 

We are informed there are a number of reasons  for Sirisena to make statements betraying his retreat at the end of the objections raised by the SC  . Those are…. 

The side of Chitrasiri and the lapdog  …

Among those who gave wrong advice to president Sirisena is Chitrasiri the most  junior SC judge , who is a bosom pal of the president . The proximity of relationship between president and Chitrasiri can be gauged based on the following fact :

When Priyasad  Dep was selected as Chief justice , the president named two individuals  for that post – they  were Priysad Dep and Chitrasiri . If the president who should make appointments on merits has chosen the most junior judge for the post of CJ, one can imagine how close the president is to Chitrasiri .  

What’s more , being a lackey and lickspittle of the president the latter appointed this same most junior SC judge Chitrasiri as the president of the Bond Commission with the sole aim of slinging mud at the UNP despite the COPE Committee handing over its report earlier on this bond issue to the AG to study the report and file action , if necessary. 

Chitrasiri who arranged for installation of secret cameras at the residence of the president to watch the evidence given by the witnesses , spent almost all his time at Paget road residence of president Sirisena and least time at the omission as its president. Chitrasiri then undertook the contract to get the presidential term extended for  another year , and misled the power greedy  president to seek SC  opinion. Like a drowning man grabs even  a straw  the president eagerly swallowed the deadly pill  of Chitrasiri. 

The other individual who added sweetness  to the bitter deadly  pill was the Attorney General (AG)  Jayantha Jayasuriya who is now crawling on the laps of president Sirisena and sniffing his entire forbidden zone. Sirisena’s eagerness for power outran his sureness so much so that he did not even consult the leaders of his consensual government  allied parties known to him ,  in this regard. Instead , he sought the unknown SC  which he does not know ,to inquire ,   ‘ can I be in power until 2021?’ Believe it or not , even SLFP seniors were not aware of president’s stealthy moves.
The president seeking to justify his power lust is now engaging in his favorite pastime – bluffing  his way out by saying there was a doubt among society  regarding his term – whether it is 5 or 6 years  , and therefore he sought SC’s intervention. As far as we are concerned , there never was such an ambiguity  before . 

It is only after he made this obnoxious self centered inquiry this issue became a topic of discussion. May be it is  only in the thesaurus of Sirisena , ‘society’ means his self seeking, self fattening  group of opportunists including Kili Maharaja, Sirisena’s daughter and son in law ,Chitrasiri and NGO crook cum brief-less lawyer ShiralLakthileke . We say this because even the legal draftsmen of the 19 th amendment did not know such an ambiguity exists  pertaining to  president Sirisena.

Unfortunately for Sirisena , when this sordid attempt of the president became widely known  among society , it only stirred up a hornet’s nest with bitter opposition being mounted against the president despite his cool and calculated bluff . It is president Sirisena who earlier on said loudly and proudly , he wanted to reduce his term to four years in keeping with his policies , but it is others who kept it at 5 years against his wishes . Lanka e news displayed   this video footage alone, with his speech over a 40,000 times ! Such video footages and posts were published via the social media many hundred thousand times. 

It is only  Attorney General alias Ata-nehe General presently the lap dog of Sirisena, and lawyer of Ulapone Sumangala the advisor to president of the den  of villains who ill advised the president that he can continue in power until 2021 through SC intervention. The majority on the other hand held the view that , this is not an issue at all to be inquired from the SC as the 19 th amendment is abundantly clear as regards the legal position.
The legal luminaries and experts pointed out the clause ‘to dispel doubts’ specially incorporated in the 19 th amendment , is in support of their contention that the term of the president is 5 years only, and terminates in 2020.

The AG Jayantha Jayasuriya by now better known as the Ata -nehe General proved he is also a mole- nehe (brainless) imbecile when he advanced the stupid  contention that when the president took oaths upholding   the people’s sovereignty , he was to be in power for 6 years , and if that sovereignty is to be changed by the 19 th amendment introduced subsequently ,a fresh  referendum of the people is necessary .

It is a  pity Jayasuriya did not have even  that little grey matter to understand,  the people installed  Sirisena in power to  abolish the executive presidency within 100 days of his becoming the president . Therefore  the sovereignty of the people must have  been  upheld then by the abolition of the executive presidency within 100 days by the president. Therefore , what is this sly attempt for a six year term instead ? 

As for   the second argument of the AG that a referendum is necessary, the answer  is ,   the draft bill of the 19 th amendment before it was passed in parliament had already been referred to the AG and thereafter to the SC , and ensured that a people’s referendum is not necessary .

If the same Institution which then  said a referendum is not necessary , is now arguing it is necessary,  where on earth do you get such Institutions and legal systems? unless that  is a mental Institution . To please whom is all this being done? Is it to safeguard the sacrosanct laws and the rule of law or to demolish them ?  Is this aimed at replacing the inviolable rule of law which was earnestly expected by the Rainbow revolution, with the  rule of the jungles of brutes ,and laws of scoundrels  in society ?  

Meanwhile , leader of the house Lakshman Kiriella making  an open  statement in Parliament said , until the president had forwarded his request to the SC ,even  the party leaders of the good governance government were not aware of it . Consequently , the party which is an ally of the incumbent consensual government for good governance is now plunged in   a political crisis. 

This revelation was tantamount to giving a slap in the face of Sirisena who knows only to hit below the belt on the sly. 

The bitterest opposition against  the president came from the SLFP seniors. They plainly told Sirisena  , his conduct is a direct hit at their  campaign  in  respect of  the upcoming elections ,and boosts the  Mahinda Rajapakses. Rajapakses openly announced ,if the 19 th amendment does not apply to Sirisena , Mahinda Rajapakse can again stake his claim at  the presidential election. Irrespective of whether that is possible or not , certainly that is going to give Rajapakses the edge at the forthcoming elections.

At the same time, independent lawyers like senior S .G. Punchihewa  also expressed their opposition to the president’s efforts to extend his term by a year. They made an important revelation , that is , the SC verdict is only its opinion and not its decision.  If the president is making attempts ( sly ,of course) to be in power after 2020, a case can be filed on that day , and at that time , the same judges may not be on the bench , the senior lawyers pinpointed. 

The JVP which at other times  is in the vanguard citing  foolish or sound  grounds ,on this occasion was dumbfounded. In addition, publicity too was given by them  to the baseless and unlawful  arguments of the Attorney General in court on behalf of the president . The JVP thereby confirmed beyond doubt the truth in the allegation ‘as long as Maharaja is aligned with Sirisena, the JVP will not oppose’ hurled at them  by other Leftists . Why they are behaving  this disdainfully   , only  the slimy and shallow JVP can explain.  

President cuts not only the nose but even his ‘hose’ to spite the face …

Based on unofficial reports received by us ,Chitrasiri himself has notified  Sirisena , the majority decision of the SC is not what Sirisena longed for. 

Sirisena who has an infinite capacity to bluff his way through , after becoming aware of this backlash said ,   irrespective of whether it is in his favor or not,  he will accept the SC decision , while adding, even today without waiting for tomorrow he is prepared to  step down from his post ,  and go away . This is like  the Fox that attempted and failed in the ‘sour grape story’ .

By all these maneuvers and machinations ,it is none other than the president ,Pallewatte Gamaralalage   Maithripala Yapa Sirisena who by trying to cut the nose to spite the face has cut off even his own  ‘hose’ too .

By Wimal Dheerasekera 

Translated by Jeff

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