An independent Gallup poll reveals results ! Maithri’s SLFP group has not even a slim chance !!

(Lanka-e-News - 16.Jan.2018, 3.40 PM) Prior to the main political parties beginning their election campaigns , an independent  non governmental organization conducted a Gallup poll   (survey to decide on the likely  election  results). Based on this survey, the results of which are now in the possession of Lanka e news ,the  team after  a random sample  survey  in relation to  10, 000 people across the country of various provinces including North and East had  arrived at the following results. 

The percentage of votes the UNP will poll is 38 % of the total. 
The Rajapakse group (Flower Bud) of the SLFP will poll 27 %
TNA , Muslim Congress , Mano Ganeshan and minority representative groups will poll 15 %
SLFP Maithri group will poll 13 % 
JVP will poll  7%

However as this survey was conducted before the political parties commenced their election campaigns ,hinged on how the parties will be able to sway the voters in their favor during their campaigns , the results can vary by – 2 to 3% (A detailed result of the survey will be released shortly).

Meanwhile , though the Maithri group says , after elections it will join with the Rajapakse group  , the latter had categorically repudiated that. Prasanna Ranatunge, a powerful stalwart of the Rajapakse group revealed to the media that  the latter  will not join with the Maithri group to establish local  administration under any circumstances. It is well to recall Maithripala went cringing and crawling to Mahinda Rajapakse group even before elections.

According to the statistics , the group with the president of the country will secure fourth place. If that happens , and when the president tumbles to that despicable and discarded level , the president must realize he has no moral  right to continue in that exalted position though it may be  constitutional .

In a Democracy , the fresh referendum invalidates the previous referendum. Hence , Maithri and his group lose their rights (whatever bit they possess now ) to take decisions as regards the country’s destiny .In that event the best course of action for Maithri is , without further degrading himself , hand over the power to the majority group allowing  the latter  to chart the country’ s destiny, and  honorably go home   after fulfilling the solemn promise he made to 51 % of the population that he will abolish the executive presidency within 100 days.
The stooges ,  parasites, lackeys and lickspittles behind him who are currently playing hell with the country shall  also bow to the fresh referendum , and follow suit. Otherwise , the people will be compelled to take a decision in that regard too.

It is worthy of note , though the SLFP Maithri group said , bus loads of people were not  fetched to attend their recent Anuradhapura rally , Lanka e news is in possession of palpable evidence  that a prominent businessman D.P Jayasinghe supplied the buses to transport crowds to the rally. 

This D.P. Jayasinghe is none other than the owner of a building which has been kept closed for the last nearly three  years , for which the government is yet paying an exorbitant monthly rent of over a Rs. 10 million . This building was supposedly taken  for the agriculture ministry , whose  minister is  Duminda Dissanayake  ,the secretary of the SLFP Maithri group .

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