Until UNF forms separate govt. in 2020 with a majority , the govt. will go on after elections ! Ranil –no doubts about it!

(Lanka-e-News - 01.Feb.2018, 2.45AM) In order  to avert  the precious motherland from being plunged into further defeats and fiascos  owing to the insanity and imbecility of the  country’s leader who is conducting himself like a two legged donkey; eroding  the country’s credibility before  the international community ; unheeding  the constitution ; uttering all the lies ;and himself proving    beyond doubt as most unsuitable for the post of a State leader , the United National Front (UNF) which has the majority in parliament has taken a crucial  decision  to form  its own government after  the forthcoming elections. 

This decision was taken by all the constituent party leaders of the UNF as well as the  leader of the UNF, Ranil Wickremesinghe. 

It is their opinion , since the present president was propelled to the presidential post  by  the leaders of these parties , they should see to it they work without entering into any conflict  with the president. 

Though the  foreign states rendered assistance to Sri Lanka , the present government was only nominally a consensual  government while in fact what is  existing   in SL is a dual government.  No State in the world is inclined to maintain relationship with a State run by a dual government.

Although the P.M. for the first time made this revelation to the public at Anuradahapura on the 29 th. , the media of the country  did not give due publicity to  it. 

The P.M. at Anuradhapura said, following a decision taken by his party leaders , the UNF  will retain  its majority and the government shall be continued until 2020, and in addition will work together with  president Maithripala Sirisena .

He also asserted whatever that were planned by this government will be continued ,and  requested  the people not to harbor any doubts in that regard. In order to fulfill these goals  , he urged the public not to stay at home at the upcoming elections , instead  go the polling booths and vote for the Elephant symbol of the UNF.

The principal aim of forming a national government is to resolve the national issues which were hitherto unsolved.  To fulfill that  aim what is  central is the introduction of a new constitution which abolishes  the executive presidency , and decentralizes powers towards a sustainable solution to  the national issue . 

However the bankrupt politicos and the defeated SLFP ers did not honestly contribute towards that objective    . What they did on the contrary was , wasting the time on making a fool of the president and taking him down the garden path to undermine the other faction of the national government ,while  hatching conspiracies thereby hampering and hindering  the fulfillment of the national goals.

In any event the agreement that was signed when  forming  a  national government has terminated. Though the president is bragging that if  he has 96 he can form a separate SLFP government , with him there is a very small group ,about  46 in number.

Lanka e news was the first to reveal this in its report captioned , ‘UNP ready to form separate govt. India and US express their consent!’ on 5th January .

If the SLFP group of Maithripala in the consensual government secures second place , they have a right  to form a consensual government. However if it secures  third place , it has no moral right to form a consensual government .Even the president ‘s right to be in that position is dented. If the Maithri group secures fourth place , the president will have to immediately  resign , his moral rights notwithstanding. 

The constituent parties of the UNF …
United National party 
All Ceylon Muslim Congress  
Jathika Hela Urumaya 
Sri Lanka Muslim Congress 
Democratic party 
Democratic People’s Front
National laborers union
Upcountry People’s Front 

Connected report ..
‘UNP ready to form separate government , India and US express their consent!’

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